Mental Health Month – The Benefits of Pets

Mental Health Awareness Month: The Benefits of Pets As we find ourselves in May, Mental Health Awareness Month, it's an opportune time to explore the significant ways pets can enhance our mental well-being. Pets have long been celebrated for their companionship, but recent data underscores just how impactful they can be on our mental health.

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Kitten Season Is Coming! Here Are The Basics:

As all CASPCA employees know, when the weather warms up, kitten season is on the horizon! The typical season runs from April to October, and usually hits its peak during the warmest months. It brings us joy to help kittens grow into happy, healthy pets, and we can’t do any of it without the help

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Rethinking Adoption Returns

Author: Delaney Jooris After busy adoption seasons or events, many people will ask where all the cats have gone, or exclaim that we used to have so many dogs. With a big smile, I’ll explain that all these animals have found homes. Their response, however, is often very different from what I expect. From seasoned

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