Wish List

Check out our two wish lists and have gifts shipped directly to the SPCA!

Animal Care Supplies

    • Extra Large Classic Kongs

    • Hot dogs

    • Canned cat food

    • Canned dog food

    • Canned kitten food

    • Non-clumping or regular cat litter (check out these brands)

    • Carefresh shavings

    • 6′ dog leashes

    • Easy-walk harnesses

    • Hard rubber chew toys

    • Yoga Mats

    • Puppy Pads

    • Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR)

    • Esbilac

    • Stainless steel pails (1 quart)

    • Slow feeder/puzzle bowls

    • Watering cans with skinny spouts

    • Interactive cat toys (ie. Smarty Cat Hot Pursuit Interactive Cat Toy)

    • Quickie BULLDOZER 9-in Poly Fiber Stiff Deck Brush

    • Mini hand-held scrub brushes

    • Hand-held scrub brushes with long handles

    • Squeegees

    • Trash can wheels (Rubbermaid Commercial Products 250-lb Black Plastic Trash Can Dolly)

    • Bully sticks

    • Pig ears

    • Baby blankets

    • Wet kitten food

    • Meat baby food

    • Miracle Nipples for Pets & Wildlife

    • Rawhide-free chews

    • Bully sticks

    • SnuggleSafe Heating Pads

Cleaning Supplies

    • Windfresh Laundry detergent

    • Dish soap

    • Scott rags

    • Paper towel rolls

    • Black heavy-duty trash bags

Office Supplies

    • Printer paper

    • Scotch packing tape refill rolls

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Supplies