Pet Cremation

The SPCA has provided quality pet cremation services for veterinary clinics and the public for more than 30 years. With gentle hands, loving arms and compassionate hearts, the staff at the SPCA will take care of your deceased companion and treat you and your best friend with the utmost respect.

Our cremation services provide pet owners with a safe and dignified way to memorialize their pet. Let our caring staff help you with the process. For more information, please call (434) 973-5959 x206 or email Our pet cremation services are available daily from 9:30AM-6PM and have not had to be altered for the pandemic.

Services offered:

Private Cremations-$130
A private cremation will return your individual pet’s cremated remains to you in a decorative urn.

Representative Cremations-$55
Representative cremation is an economical alternative; your pet is cremated along with other pets and you will receive remains in our basic decorative tin urn.

General Cremations with no ashes returned-$40

Keepsake Brass Heart Urn

Sheesham Urn & Velour Pouch
S-L $20.00, XL $25.00 

Clay Paw Print

Rainbow Bridge Tin
FREE with any private or representative cremation 

Sunset Scattering Tube