Disagreement & Humane Discourse

Respecting various viewpoints, CASPCA bases every decision on a commitment to animal welfare and industry best practices. We welcome discussions that foster understanding and seek common ground. Our unwavering commitment is to avoid placing dangerous animals back into the community. We acknowledge differing perspectives on sheltering and encourage those who disagree to support organizations aligning with their beliefs. While diverse views are valued for innovation, it is crucial to treat our staff and volunteers with respect. Any public rhetoric inciting threats, bullying, or harm to our team, clients, or volunteers is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The CASPCA team faces verbal, emotional, and physical challenges daily, and deserve acknowledgment, praise, kudos and every accolade for their unwavering dedication. As their leader, it’s crucial to emphasize that, while your support is vital, it cannot overshadow the well-being of our team.

CASPCA looks ahead as a united team, focusing on progress rather than demanding perfection. We encourage further discussion about our future plans and welcome clarifying questions on our decision- making processes. However, we won’t yield to demands for justification as our policies align with animal sheltering and behavior best practices, alongside compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

Please visit https://humanepro.org/page/humane-discourse-and-conduct-within-animal-welfare-pledge for more information.