Notice: The May Microchipping and Core Vaccine Clinic will be held on the second Monday of the month, 5/13/2024.

Microchipping and Core Vaccine Clinics

Microchip and Core Vaccine clinics are held on the first Monday of every month from 12-4 PM.


All pets should be healthy. Wellness exams and sick pet services are not available during these clinics.

To make an appointment, please call the clinic extension (206/207) or email [email protected]. All cats must be in carriers and all dogs must be on leashes. Limit of four pets per person per appointment.

Feral animals must be scheduled for separate appointments.

Procedure for Clients:

Drive to the right side of the shelter. Follow signs for clinic parking.

Please remain in your vehicle. A clinic assistant will come to your car to check you in. After checking in, you will wait in your vehicle and a clinic assistant will bring your pet(s)
into the clinic.

Clinic staff will bring your pet(s) inside the shelter, perform the requested procedures, and then return your pet(s) to your vehicle.

Cash, check and credit card are accepted payment methods. We are unable to accept Care Credit. After you have paid, you will be given a vaccine certificate and/or microchipping registration information.

Did you know that one in three pets will get lost in their lifetime?

Without identification, 90 percent will never return home. Returning lost pets to their owners is an important part of the SPCA’s lifesaving mission. That’s why the SPCA offers clinics for your pet to receive a rabies vaccine or microchip.

Rabies vaccine: $25 | With proof of public assistance: $15
Distemper vaccine (DAPP for dogs, FVRCP+C for cats): $25 I With proof of public assistance: $15
Microchip: $30 | With proof of public assistance: $25
Rabies & Distemper Vaccination & Microchip together: $65 | With proof of public assistance: $45

A current rabies vaccine is required by Virginia State Law for all cats and dogs over four months of age. Bring your pet’s proof of previous rabies vaccination to receive a three-year rabies vaccine certificate.

The SPCA also hosts Compassionate Care Clinics throughout the year for clients on public assistance. Preference is given to residents of Albemarle County and Charlottesville City. Clients on assistance are encouraged to attend the Compassionate Care Clinics to receive wellness vet exams and preventative services.

For more information, call (434) 973-5959, ext. 206/207 or email [email protected].