Meet Our 2023 Pet Mascot, Angus!

Angus, formerly known as Cloud, arrived at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA after his previous owner became homeless and had to surrender him to a nearby shelter. He had only lived outside and was diagnosed with dental disease, along with Lyme’s disease and Ehrlichiosis which are both caused by tick bites. We knew he would benefit from being in a foster home while he received the treatment he needed, and was placed with the Kapp family in October.

Life inside a home was an adjustment for Angus. He wasn’t house trained and had appeared to never have walked on a leash before, but the Kapps were committed to helping this senior dog. Within a month, Angus had turned into a great family dog. He went from a dog that had probably never spent any time inside a house to a total couch potato. Now, when he’s not lounging around, he’s galloping around their yard like a puppy.

The Kapps weren’t planning to adopt, but they said when Angus looked at them with his soulful eyes they couldn’t resist. Angus officially joined their family in December and he makes them smile every morning as he stretches his old bones and asks for the attention he’s always deserved.

The winner of the 2022 “Make Your Pet a Star” package was Angus! As part of the auction package, Angus will have his portrait taken by Jen Fariello Photography, an animal kennel dedicated to him for one year with a customized plaque, and a featured story in an SPCA e-newsletter. Angus will be featured on the 2023 Critter Ball invitation, Critter Ball website, and the 2023 bow-WOW-walk tee shirt!

*The items included in the “Make Your Pet a Star” auction package may be subject to change