Meet Our 2024 Pet Mascot, Sam!

Originally adopted from the Humane Society of Shenandoah County in 2021, Sam is a newcomer to Charlottesville and couldn’t be more excited to be the 2024 CASPCA Pet Mascot! Sam was a housecat-turned-stray after the sudden loss of his elderly caretaker and was eventually taken to a local shelter by a friendly neighbor who had been feeding him. Thankfully, Sam was placed with a kind and generous foster family in Edinburgh, VA where he patiently awaited a new forever home. Sam was soon adopted by the Matheson-Schmitt family in Bluemont, VA to provide emotional support for the entire household after the loss of a long-time feline companion, Ricky. The family also cared for a senior Maine Coon, Marlo, who was particularly saddened and affected by Ricky’s loss.

Shortly after bringing Sam to his new home, things began looking up for everybody. Sam brought with him a rejuvenating energy and filled the home with hope, love, and lots of laughs. Not to mention that unmistakable orange cat personality! The family packed up and moved to Charlottesville in 2022 and Sam quickly adapted to his new home, particularly after the adoption of yet another feline family member, Fillip, from the Madison-Greene Humane Society. Sam and Fillip are the very definition of a bonded pair and can be found doing just about everything together, from mimicking crows in the window to even watching television.

When he’s ready for a meal, Sam is sure to let you know with a sweet nudge on the nose followed by a series of demanding meows if you don’t move quickly enough. In typical cat fashion, this is always followed by hours of cute and cuddly cat naps in his favorite spots, one of which being his parents’ bed. When he’s feeling particularly spunky, however, Sam can be found zipping and zooming around the house and occasionally perched atop the kitchen’s range hood, staring down at his kingdom. The family has found Sam to be particularly emotionally intelligent and always knows how to brighten the mood after a rough day. Whether it’s an affectionate head bump or giving a gentle kitty massage, Sam loves to remind us that we should be thankful for each day and not take things too seriously.

The winner of the 2023 “Make Your Pet a Star” package was Sam! As part of the auction package, Sam had his portrait taken by Jen Fariello Photography. He will also receive an animal kennel dedicated to him for one year with a customized plaque and a featured story in an SPCA e-newsletter. Sam will be featured on the 2024 bow-WOW-walk tee shirt and the Critter Ball website! Congratulations, Sam!

*The items included in the “Make Your Pet a Star” auction package may be subject to change.