There are other options!
Before surrendering your pet, we can help.

Pets are a lifetime commitment and your pet depends on you to ensure that they are happy, healthy and loved. Before making a decision to give up your pet, we ask that you explore every other alternative first. The shelter should be used as a last resort when trying to find your pet a new home. The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA can ONLY accept pets who live in Charlottesville or Albemarle County. If after pursuing alternative re-homing methods you still do not have placement for your animal, you may complete the surrender profile at the bottom of this page. As there is a waitlist to surrender animals to the SPCA, it is not an immediate solution.

Alternatives To Giving Up Your Pet:

Spay/Neuter Assistance
Spaying/neutering your pet has many health and behavioral benefits and will help prevent homeless animals in our community.

Behavior Concerns
If you are having difficulties with your pet’s behavior, click HERE for helpful information.
If you are experiencing behavior problems with your pet, we may be able to help. Staff and volunteers are able to discuss a variety of issues. Please email [email protected] and include a detailed description of your pet’s behavioral history. Many behavior problems require direct observation by a professional. We are happy to recommend the appropriate animal behavior professional best suited to your needs.

Pet-Friendly Housing
Click HERE to find pet-friendly rentals. Contact [email protected] for more help navigating housing pet policies.

Pet Food Assistance
The SPCA pet food pantry provides cat and dog food to families in need. Individuals who would like to utilize the pantry should visit the shelter during operating hours. The pet food pantry is made possible by the generous donations of community members and local businesses.

Re-Home Your Pet
You are your pet’s best chance of finding a new loving home. The shelter is a stressful environment for animals, and our goal is to find a good alternate solution to placing him or her in the shelter. Here are some suggestions below:

  • Make sure your pet is spayed and neutered and up to date on its vaccines, so a new adopter isn’t hit with costs.
  • Take photos and videos of your pet.
  • Write a short paragraph describing your pet and the type of home that would be a good fit for him/her.
  • Share the above information with family, friends, and neighbors or post on Facebook. Tell them why you must find your pet a new home.
  • Use Rehome to find a new home for your pet.

Surrendering Your Pet to the SPCA

The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA can ONLY accept pets who live in Charlottesville or Albemarle County. Surrendering your pet to the SPCA may be very traumatic for your pet, is not a quick process, and should be a last resort. To ensure that you are given the time and attention you deserve and that we have the space and accommodations your pet deserves, please make an appointment by filling out the appropriate online surrender profile for your pet’s species below and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible. Animals are accepted by appointment only, and appointments last approximately 30 minutes.

Urgent cases are still required to submit the online surrender request and are advised to follow up with pet services staff once it has been completed. Pet services can be reached at (434) 973-5959 ext. 832. Our staff is committed to helping you and your pet through this difficult time; however, we cannot guarantee your pet’s admission into our program. Please bring the following with you to your surrender appointment:

  • Your driver’s license/photo ID
  • All veterinary records
  • Any medications that your pet is taking

*Please note, at this time we do not have the resources for small animal surrenders*