As all CASPCA employees know, when the weather warms up, kitten season is on the horizon! The typical season runs from April to October, and usually hits its peak during the warmest months. It brings us joy to help kittens grow into happy, healthy pets, and we can’t do any of it without the help of our community. Here are a few basic takeaways as we dive into this exciting and jam-packed season, from a shelter employee:

If you find a kitten, don’t freak out!

On your morning walk and spot a kitten? Or maybe five? Don’t panic! If they are unattended by a mother, wait from afar to see if a mother returns. Mothers may leave their kittens for a few minutes to multiple hours to find food or a safe place to rest. Assess if they are healthy and look well-cared for. Remember: removing kittens from their current environment may not always be the right answer. You can use the following ASPCA link to help you determine the kitten’s age and how/if you should intervene:,and%20can%20accept%20the%20kittens.

Please give us a call at 434-973-5959 before bringing kittens into the shelter, if possible.

We love moms!

Just like in humans, a mother’s love is everything! At the nursing age, kittens gain important nutrients and immunity from their mother’s milk. Mother’s provide physical protection to their kittens as well. No one can care for kittens like mom can, not even the most diligent of humans.If kittens are separated from mom, this can lead to challenges in their development. Please call us at 434-973-5959 if you need guidance on the next best steps.


Kitten season increases our numbers of animals in-care exponentially. Any donations, no matter what or how much, can help our shelter pets in incredible ways. 25$ helps cover the cost of FelV/FIV tests or a microchip. 50$ covers the cost of initial vaccines and flea/tick preventatives. Check out our website and social media pages soon for our upcoming Kitten Shower, where we’ll be collecting donated supplies, such as kitten replacement formula and heating pads. We also have an Amazon wish list filled with supplies that will help kittens out this season!

Foster or Adopt!

Interested in taking a little one home? Or maybe FIVE? Great! Fostering helps us place kittens into temporary homes prior to adoption, so that they can grow and receive necessary medical treatment before their spay/neuter surgeries. As a foster, you play a vital role in their health and socialization. Please fill out a foster application at > Volunteer/Foster prior to reaching out with questions.

If you’d like to make a kitten a forever part of your family, please fill out an adoption request form at > Services > Adopt. (Note: Our adoptable kitten numbers are lower in the beginning months of kitten season.) Don’t forget about our older felines in need of loving homes! We have adult and senior cats year-round that are eager to find their perfect spot.

Keep Learning!

The more you know, the more you grow! Read up by using the following resources:

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Author: Dayton Petrus, Foster Care Coordinator, CASPCA