Support the SPCA with a Legacy Gift

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Legal Name: Albemarle Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals dba Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA

Every year at the SPCA, thousands of companion animals are saved thanks to the generous support of caring friends just like you. By choosing to name the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA as a beneficiary in your will, trust or in another type of planned gift, you are helping to ensure that the SPCA can continue saving animals throughout our community for many years to come. Planned giving can generate income for you now and in the future, reduce taxes, and help preserve wealth for your family. Here are a few possibilities to consider:

Name the SPCA in Your Charitable Trust

A variety of trusts, including charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts, enable you to make a generous gift to the SPCA while meeting your family’s financial needs. A Lead trust generates income for the use of the SPCA, and at the end of the Trust term, your family gets the principal plus any appreciation, which will usually be excluded from estate taxes. A Remainder trust pays income to you or your family for a set period of years, and then the SPCA receives the balance, again with long term tax advantages. Regardless of the size of your estate, careful planned giving will help you meet your personal, family, and charitable giving goals. As with any planned gift, you can designate your gift for a specific program, like the Spay/Neuter Fund, or leave it for the SPCA to use where we most need it.

Make a Bequest

With a bequest – through your will or living trust – you can leave all or part of your estate to the SPCA. Bequests can be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. General unrestricted bequests support our operations and endowment to ensure the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA’s future.

Donate Unneeded Life Insurance

Whether you own a term or whole life policy, or have employer-provided insurance, it’s simple to include the SPCA. You can name the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA as primary or contingent beneficiary for all or a percentage of your policy. If you also name the SPCA as owner of the policy, there may be additional tax advantages. Or you could consider funding a new policy for the benefit of the SPCA.

Leave the SPCA your Unused Retirement Plans

As with insurance, you can also name the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA as a beneficiary of a 401(k), 403(b) or IRA. You retain full use of your funds in your lifetime with the remainder flowing to the SPCA.

You should consult with your financial and estate advisors before committing to any gift.

For further information about making a planned gift, please contact us at (434) 964-3320.

Please inform the SPCA of  your planned gift: