Spay/Neuter Services for Owned Pets

Please read through the following information carefully as some policies have changed for 2024

The SPCA is proud to offer high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter services to the community. Starting in 2024, we are pleased to be able to offer spay/neuter services to both clients who receive public assistance as well as members of the general public. In order to qualify for public assistance pricing, please be prepared to provide proof of assistance (including but not limited to SNAP, WIC, etc). At this time, we are able to offer these services for cats of all genders and male dogs. We are not currently accepting: patients over 90 lbs; brachycephalic (flat-faced) cat or dog breeds.

Please be aware, we are not accepting applications for female dog spays at this time.

Spay/Neuter Base Pricing for Public Assistance Clients:

  • Cat Spay OR Neuter – $70
  • Dog Neuter – $125
  • Dog Spay – $145

*see below for information on additional fees*

Spay/Neuter Base Pricing for General Public Clients:
  • Cat Neuter – $140
  • Cat Spay – $185
  • Dog Neuter – $300
  • Dog Spay – $320

All procedures include pre-anesthetic exam and pain medications.

*For dogs add:

  • $20 for dogs 50-75 lbs.
  • $40 for dogs 75.1-90 lbs.
  • We are not able to schedule dogs weighing over 90 lbs. at this time.

If your pet is obese, in heat, pregnant or cryptorchid, additional fees may be incurred due to increased anesthetic time and supplies needed.

Spay/neuter does not include vaccinations. Rabies and distemper vaccinations can be added for an additional fee.

Spay/neuter pricing is subject to change every New Year. We are unable to honor previous years’ pricing for appointments scheduled after December – for both waitlist clients and new applicants.

To schedule an appointment, fill out the application at the link below:


To schedule an appointment, complete the Spay/Neuter Application, call the spay/neuter line at:

(434) 973-5959, ext. 310

or email us at:

[email protected]

If completing an application online, a staff member will reach out to confirm your appointment. There is a $25 charge for no shows or for those that reschedule within 48 hours of their appointment.

Please review the pre- and post-operation instructions below prior to your appointment.

Pre-Operation Instructions –

  • Drop-off time at the clinic is 7:15-8:00 AM
  • Pick-up time is between 5:00-6:00 PM
  • All cats must arrive in separate carriers. Please clearly label the carrier with the animal’s name and your last name using masking or duct tape. If you do not have a carrier, cardboard carriers may be purchased at the SPCA ahead of time for $5.
  • All dogs must be on leashes.
  • Adult dogs and cats cannot have any food after midnight the night before surgery. Puppies or kittens under six months of age can have a small meal before being dropped off at the SPCA. Water can still be given.
  • Animals must be in good health. If your pet is showing any signs of illness such as coughing, sneezing, runny eyes or diarrhea they will be declined for surgery. See your regular vet for care first, and then re-schedule surgery when your pet is well.
  • If your pet is already up-to-date on vaccinations, please bring your vaccination records with you to the appointment. A RABIES VACCINE IS REQUIRED BY VIRGINIA LAW.
  • If licking or chewing of the suture area is anticipated or noted, you may purchase an e-collar for your pet for $10.
  • Payment in full is to be made at drop-off by cash, card or check.
  • There will be a reschedule fee of $25 for no-show appointments.

Post-Operation Instructions –

You will be given written post-operation instructions on discharge. However, to plan for the care of your pet after surgery, please prepare for the following:

  • Pick-up time is between 5-6 PM
  • Pets should primarily be kept indoors where they can stay clean, dry and comfortable. Please limit their activity; no climbing stairs, running, jumping, rowdy play, swimming, or other strenuous activity during the 10-14 day recovery window.
  • No bathing during this period.
  • Dogs must be walked on a leash.
  • A light meal may be given the evening of surgery and water should be freely available. Your pet may return to their normal feeding schedule the day after surgery.
  • Check the incision site daily. Do not allow pet to lick or chew at the incision site. If this occurs, an Elizabethan collar, t-shirt or other barrier should be used. Slight redness at the incision site may be normal for a few days after surgery. If you notice irritation, discharge, swelling, a gap in the incision or worsening redness, please contact the SPCA Clinic at (434) 973-5959, ext. 206/207.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, your pet will not have external sutures that require removal. All sutures are absorbable and the outer layer of skin is held together with surgical glue. Do not clean or apply topical ointment to the incision site. Tattoo ink indicating alteration status will be applied near the incision.