Adopt a Shelter Pet Day: Understanding Animal Welfare and Community Involvement in Charlottesville

April 30th marks a special occasion in Charlottesville—in a modest yet meaningful historic moment, the City of Charlottesville has officially declared April 30th to be "Adopt a Shelter Pet Day". This day is not just a chance to bring a new companion into your home; it’s also an opportunity to reflect on the progress we’ve

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Our New Volunteer Program

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week! Last year, we had over 19,800 logged volunteer hours - that’s equivalent to about 10 full-time employees! Our volunteers work selflessly and tirelessly to enhance our capabilities as a shelter, and we truly could not do this life-saving work without them. Our volunteer program recently went through an overhaul, with fresh

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World Stray Animals Day – All About Strays!

World Stray Day - all About Strays! Stray animals, unlike ferals, are domestic animals who are born into the care of human beings before becoming lost or abandoned. Here at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA, we saw 1,680 animals enter our care as strays in 2023 - only 432 of which were redeemed by and returned

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