Become a Foster Family or Adoption Ambassador

Become a lifesaving partner. Foster caregivers help the SPCA save lives by opening their home to animals in need. Foster parents allow our animals to receive extra care and attention. Animals in need of foster care include:
  • Puppies and kittens too young for adoption.
  • Animals recovering from an illness or injury.
  • Adult animals in need of a break from the stress of living in a shelter environment.
Why should you become a foster caregiver? 
  • Foster animals offer temporary companionship without the lifetime commitment.
  • You become a part of a lifesaving team of foster caregivers and SPCA staff.
  • You get the satisfaction of knowing you helped a homeless animal on their journey to find their forever home.
Help animals find their forever home! 
  • As a foster caregiver, you are your foster animal’s biggest advocate. You can help market them for adoption.
  • The insight and feedback foster parents learn about their foster animals is invaluable. Frequently, animals are stressed in a shelter setting. By spending time with a foster, SPCA staff can learn how animals behave in a loving home.
Fostering is easy!
  • The SPCA will provide you with all the supplies and support to be a successful foster parent!


For more information, email or call 434.973.5959 x206.

Check out our wishlist for foster care!


Next Step

Fill out a foster application.  

Here are helpful video lessons for foster families:

VIDEO: Tips for Fostering Fearful or Shy Dogs

VIDEO: Tips for Fostering Shy Cats

VIDEO: How to Bottle Feed a Kitten offers a great overview of the foster experience, including this essay on the powerful and touching experience of fostering.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, almost all of our eligible animals are currently enjoying some time in a loving foster home. 

This wonderful news means that we are moving to an on-call foster system. We are still continuing to provide shelter for animals in need. As animals are seen by our veterinary staff, they will be made available for foster care. If you are a new foster caregiver interested in fostering, please submit an application here. Please be as specific as possible with any foster animal preferences.

If you are a current SPCA foster caregiver please email requesting to be added to the on call foster list. Please be as specific as possible as with any foster animal preferences.

Staff will review your applications and call you if/when an animal you might be interested in fostering becomes available.
For the well-being of our our staff, volunteers and visitors, foster pick-ups are being done by appointment only. Please do not visit the shelter with general foster inquiries.