Why Foster an Animal?

● Foster animals offer temporary companionship without the lifetime commitment.
● You become a part of a lifesaving team of foster caregivers and SPCA staff.
● You get the satisfaction of knowing you helped a homeless animal on their journey to find their forever home.
● As a foster caregiver, you are your foster animal’s biggest advocate. You can help market them for adoption.
● The insight and feedback foster parents learn about their foster animals is invaluable. By spending time with a foster, SPCA staff can learn how animals behave in a loving home.

What Animals Need a Foster Family?

● Puppies and kittens too young for adoption.
● Animals recovering from an illness or injury.
● Adult animals in need of a break from the stress of living in a shelter environment.

How to Become a Foster

● To be added to the Foster On-Call List, please submit the Foster Application using the link below. Please be as specific as possible with any foster animal preferences.
● As animals become eligible for foster, we identify potential foster matches from the list of submitted applications. That’s why it’s the On-Call List!
● Our Foster Team will reach out to potential fosters via email or phone to set up a pick-up appointment.
● Due to the volume of incoming foster applications, not every applicant will be immediately matched with an animal in need of a foster home, but we do keep each application on file and will reach out as more animals become foster-eligible.