Community Access and Equity

CASPCA is dedicated to breaking down barriers and enhancing accessibility to services, resources, and information for pet owners. Our unwavering commitment extends to actively pursuing racial equity within the realm of animal welfare. Acknowledging historical and systemic disparities, we strive to rectify inequities that impact both animals and the communities we serve. Our pledge is to guarantee equal access to our services, resources, and educational opportunities for all community members, dismantling barriers to pet ownership and promoting access to pet care universally. Recognizing the ongoing nature of addressing racial inequities, we are committed to self-reflection and continuous improvement. Regular assessments of our practices, policies, and programs will identify and rectify any unintended biases or disparities. We express gratitude for your unwavering support and partnership in fostering a community where every individual, regardless of their background, is embraced, empowered, and uplifted

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