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Foster Resources

Check out our available resources for quick advice and management. Don’t see what you’re looking for?
Refer to our Foster Support facebook page or email the foster team at [email protected].



Feeding guides

The SPCA feeds Hill’s Science Diet and all of the feeding guides based on weight and age can be found here.

Introducing Cats to Others

It can be stressful bringing a new cat into the home. Click here for tips on how to introduce them to other cats or even dogs.

Bottle Babies with The Kitten Lady

The Kitten Lady is one of the most valuable resources for kitten and bottle baby fosters. Check out her website!

Upper Respiratory Infections in Felines

Upper respiratory infections are quite common in shelter cats and can be exasperated by stress. Learn how to identify and treat signs.

Socializing Kittens

Tips on socializing our more feral/shy kittens. Socializing kittens under four months can allow them to continue to develop into a lovely household companion.


Marketing Guide

Fostering an available animal? Check out our marketing guide for tips, tricks, and more!


Adoption Process

Get to know our adoption process for animals in foster, as well as some tips for speaking to potential adopters. Click here.