Foster Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the shelter have a Foster Program?

Many animals arrive at the shelter but are not ready for adoption. Foster homes provide a temporary and loving place for them to be until they can enter the shelter and prepare them for their forever homes.

What types of animals need fostering?

 Almost all of our animals are available for foster. Exceptions include dogs over 6 months old on stray hold, some medical cases, and some that require specific behavior handling.

Can I just go to the shelter and pick out an animal that I would like to foster?

If you want to foster, we ask that you contact our team and determine the date/time you would like to pick up. An alternative is scheduling a foster appointment and listing your top choices. All other animals at the shelter should stay at the shelter so that they have an opportunity to be adopted.

What if I only want to foster a particular kind of animal, such as kittens?

Foster parents typically do foster a particular type of animal, such as kittens or puppies, special needs animals, etc. When you receive the email, only respond to those that you are interested in.

What if I want to adopt the animal I am fostering?

Foster parents fall in love with their animals all the time. If this happens, please email us at [email protected] as soon as you have made the decision. We will go over the next steps in the adoption process, and make sure we schedule your foster animal for any treatments they need before they can be adopted.

What if a friend or family member wants to adopt my foster animal?

Thank you for finding an adopter for your foster animal! All of our animals need to have had all of their medical prerequisites for adoption fulfilled before they become available, which includes their spay/neuter surgery. Please have the potential adopter fill out an adoption application on our website,, and notify us of their names to start the adoption process as soon as the decision is made.

Will the SPCA treat my animal if they become injured or sick because of a foster animal?

If your animal becomes sick or injured due to interactions with an SPCA foster animal, you will be responsible for all medical care required.

Will a foster have accidents or cause damage in my home?

Foster animals may destroy carpeting, drapes, clothing and other valuables, just like any companion animal in a home. Puppies and kittens are more likely to have accidents in the home based on their age. Preparing your home by removing valuable items and providing enriching activities(chew toys, enrichment feeders, scratching posts, etc.) can prevent most accidents, but not all.

What supplies can the SPCA provide?

The SPCA can provide food and some enrichment items for the animal, as well as crates/carriers to transport them to and from the shelter, and leash/collar for dogs. Pine litter is available for cat and kitten fosters. Some supplies are based on donations we have received from our community, such as treats and toys. If you need a specific supply (a scratching post for a cat, an x-pen for puppies, etc.), please ask what we have available and we will do our best to accommodate any requests. All supplies are available from our shelter while it is open, between 12-6pm on weekdays excluding mondays, and 12-5PM on weekends.

How often will my foster pet need to return to the SPCA for appointments?

Foster pets will need to return to the shelter regularly for vet treatments and check ups, as well as for meetings with potential adopters. The amount of visits and their frequency will vary based on the age of your foster pet. Puppies and kittens between 2 weeks-5 months of age will need to be seen by the clinic every 2-3 weeks for their regular vaccinations.

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