Saving Lil’Bijou

A less than one pound kitten named Lil’Bijou showed up at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA in rough shape. Wet, cold, and infested with fleas, she was barely moving. The CASPCA clinic staff dried her off, warmed her up, and started IV fluids, while she improved, she still could not lift her head. That is when the doctors at the CASPCA decided more tests were needed. They discovered that Lil’Bijou was very anemic – probably due to such a large amount of fleas. What she needed was a blood transfusion. While the CASPCA clinic does not have all the resources of a regular clinic, one thing they have a lot of is cats – cats that could be blood donors. Fortunately, this small patient only needed five milliliters (that’s one teaspoon!) of blood to save her life.


The clinic immediately knew the perfect cat for the job – Bijou! Bijou came into the CASPCA in pretty rough shape herself. She had a mass in the back of her throat that made it difficult for her to breathe and eat. After undergoing a minor surgery to remove the mass, Bijou has been living in the clinic under observation and her true colors have come to light. She is active, vocal, and even sneaky. Bijou broke into a bag of cat food the night after her surgery and ate to her hearts content – we think we would have done the same after months of not being able to eat comfortably. Back to the kitten … named Little Bijou. The blood transfusion was started, and she responded well. By the end of the night she was up, purring, and ate a small amount of food. Despite the improvement, she was too weak to stay at the shelter overnight and went home with one of the veterinarians. Little Bijou has been in foster with that veterinarian and has medically made a full recovery. Now the veterinarian’s five cats are teaching her how to socialize. We think Little Bijou is going to grow up to be a beautiful cat – just like her namesake, and she will be available for adoption on Monday!

lil bijou

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2015 bow-WOW-walk

Thank you to everyone who participated Saturday, May 30th for the 2nd annual bow-WOW-walk! There is still time to support the teams and individuals who walked with their pets. Check out the Teams and donate to help the animals at the SPCA!

Congratulations to the winning fundraising team, Natural Pet Essentials!!

Team Natural Pet Essentials

Team Natural Pet Essentials

Here is the adorable dog, Enzo, cooling off at the Crutchfield tent!


See pictures from the doggie day of fun! We give a HUGE thank you to Eze Amos Photography for donating the wonderful photographs!

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Compassionate Care Clinic

Join us Sunday, September 27th for our third quarterly Compassionate Pet Care Clinic. This clinic will provide a wellness exam, pet care education, rabies vaccines, other vaccines and routine wellness care at a very reduced fee. *Clients must show proof of public assistance to qualify for care.CompClinic2-web

If you have any questions, please email or call (434) 964-3327 for more information.

Wellness clinic services

A HUGE thank you to Lighthouse Studio for creating 2 video segments for our Operation Ruby Slipper. Watch these fantastic videos to learn more!