Become a Foster Family or Adoption Ambassador

Hundreds of animals receive a second chance thanks to the love and compassion of our foster families. Support from animal lovers like you is needed for us to continue to be a No Kill community⎯thank you for doing your part!Kristen_web

Foster home candidates include:

  • kittens and puppies who are too young to be spayed or neutered
  • nursing mothers
  • animals recovering from surgery or illness
  • animals that need extra training or socialization

Types of Fostering

Fostering is flexible—it can fit your schedule and talents. Just ask the foster parents who convert their guest bathroom into a miniature Kitty City. Or the volunteer who provides “day fostering” for her favorite shelter animal. If you are interested in fostering, attend a foster training!

For more information, email or call 434.973.5959 x205.

ChalkieKitten Krew or Puppy Parade

In the summer and fall (breeding season for cats), we need additional foster homes for young, adorable kittens. Puppies need foster homes year-round. Both puppies and kittens need time to grow mature and healthy enough to be spayed or neutered. We prefer to keep litters together, but occasionally have single babies. We’ll provide crates, food and necessary supplies, as well as adorable subjects for family photos!


Socialization and Wellness Fostering

While the majority of the animals in need of foster homes are very young kittens and puppies, adult animals in need of more socialization or time to heal greatly benefit from time outside of the the shelter.  Foster parents can provide potential adopters with useful information on how an animal behaves in a home environment.  If you choose to take on a medical foster, veterinary care will be provided for the animal.

Vacation Fostering and Foster for the Holidays

Animals can benefit from a break from the shelter, especially around the holidays. Long timers in the shelter are great candidates for short-term fostering.  If you have a few days off and want to help around the holidays, take home a temporary pet!

Adoption Ambassador Program

Adopt meIf you are interested in becoming an Adoption Ambassador, we will provide a foster animal in need, a template for a “business” card for your animal, an explanation of the adoption process, an “adopt-me” vest (for dogs), and all necessary supplies. In return, we ask for your help marketing your foster animal! Share photos on Facebook, Youtube, or other social media sites, and introduce him to friends or neighbors. If you are interested in taking this extra step for your foster animal and being a part of the adoption process, indicate your interest on the application.


Next Steps

1) Fill out a foster application.  

2) Attend a Foster Training Session. Training is offered on the second Saturday of every month at 10 am at the shelter on Berkmar Drive, in our Basement Training Room. Training will last 45 minutes and will give you all the tools you need to be a successful foster parent.

3) Check out our FAQs for more information.

Here are helpful video lessons for foster families:

VIDEO: Tips for Fostering Fearful or Shy Dogs

VIDEO: Tips for Fostering Shy Cats

VIDEO: How to Bottle Feed a Kitten offers a great overview of the foster experience, including this essay on the powerful and touching experience of fostering.