November Volunteers of the Month


Meet Jean and Ed Kibler, and their dogs Bentley and Timmy. Jean and Ed are two members of the SPCA’s Pet Therapy Team. Together, Ed and Jean visit nursing homes, libraries, and schools, where they bring smiles to faces and help build confident readers across our community. The work they do allows them to share the love and joy that their two dogs bring them with others who are missing the love and comfort of a companion animal.

When did you first start volunteering at the SPCA?

Spring of 2014

Why did you choose to get involved with the SPCA?

Ed: Our dogs just love therapy work. We were working with them for about two and a half years before we moved to Virginia, and it’s something they really enjoyed and that we also enjoyed doing with them. We first started on our own, visiting nursing homes in our area, but it took us a while to find a program in Virginia. When Bentley and I we re-certifying for Pet Partners, we met Lisa and Kaicee, who told us about the new SPCA Pet Therapy Program. We knew we wanted to get involved, and the rest is history.

Jean: Well there was no way Timmy and I were going to sit home while Ed and Bentley went out and had all the fun! Timmy and I are certified as a team, and so we decided to tag along. It’s also something great that we can do together as a family.

What’s so special about Pet Therapy?

Ed: We love to see the enjoyment that people get from our visits. There’s nothing like walking into a facility and seeing faces light up and everyone reaching out to pet the boys. Many people, especially those in nursing homes, had animals in the past – it’s a part of their lives that they really miss. For us to be able to bring some happiness, especially in the form of our animals, it’s wonderful. We’ve had doctors and staff tell us how helpful visits from dogs are for their patients – it helps with overall emotional and mental well-being.

Jean: How it makes someone brighten up. If they’ve had dogs in their life before, they just love being around dogs. Something as simple as touching them is so beneficial and special for them.

bentley2-webA Bit about Bentley:

Bentley, affectionately referred to as the “kid dog,” loves spending his pet therapy visits with youths. He’s more playful, and enjoys the youthful spirit and constant attention that kids offer. If there’s a child, a book, and a comfy rug, Bentley will curl right up and politely listen to story after story. But please don’t read Clifford the Big Red Dog! When Bentley was visiting at a Florida library, every child read Clifford – the books never had the same appeal after that. Bentley came to Ed and Jean as a very badly injured puppy who was turned in to their local humane society in Florida. As dedicated volunteers, they were asked to foster the little guy, who needed extensive medical care and visits to specialists (which was located 100 miles away!). After going through so much with Bentley, they couldn’t not keep him!

A Bit about Timmy:

Timmy, lovingly called “the old lady dog,” much prefers spending time with seniors. He’ll patiently sit at the foot of a wheelchair, and is very calm and relaxed. Timmy came to Ed and Jean on evening when Bentley was visiting friends at a dog park. A family heading back to Canada after their mother passed away, and couldn’t take Timmy (who belonged to their elderly mother) back. Timmy was just so sweet that Ed and Bentley had to bring him home! Timmy was the ultimate couch potato when they got him – he didn’t know how to play, or what treats were. Don’t worry, Timmy now enjoys little soft treats!

What are you looking forward to doing on Thanksgiving?

Jean: Cooking our own turkey and sitting down for a family dinner with our daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, and great granddaughter.

Ed: Charcoal cooked turkey on the grill!

November Staff Picks Give Thanks

November is the season to give thanks for all that we have. Here at the SPCA we want to start the season by saying thank you to all of our donors who make the lifesaving difference for our neediest pets. Without community support, it would be impossible to save pets with medical challenges like Claudius, Rikho, Gus Gus, and Doc’s.

The November Staff Picks have a lot to be thankful for. These lucky pets found their way to our SPCA just in time to get some much-needed medical care, and are now healthy, happy and ready for a new home. Dental care for pets isn’t something that you often think of, however, it is one of the primary painful conditions that we encounter in older pets at the SPCA. Three out of the four November Staff Picks arrived with a painful mouthful of issues that were addressed by our talented medical team. This care is only made possible because of generous community support.



Claudius came to the shelter and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Periodontal Disease meaning that his teeth had severe plaque buildup. The good veterinarians did surgery to extract a few of his teeth and now he is happier than ever. Staff member Rebecca says, “Since Claudius received his dental, his personality has perked up and he has turned into the biggest cuddle bug.” Claudius loves toys, especially tennis balls and will play fetch all day long. Staff recommends a home with children ages ten or older, as certain situations tend to be overwhelming for the little guy. This gentle pup is sure to melt your heart, just look at his precious face!  Claudius is most thankful for his new pain-free mouth and the chance to play ball!

ThumbnailGenerate (1)



Rikho arrived at the SPCA with significant wear on his incisors which required removal. Our experienced veterinarians extracted his incisors and polished his aged teeth. SPCA Animal Caregiver Will explained that this goofy, affectionate boy is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. Rikho is an energetic, excited hound looking for an active family to help him explore this big world. He loves to sniff the sweet scents of the outdoors and would be a great fit with a family who has older children due to his size and strength. Any furry friends in Rihko’s future home would be OK because he gets along great with dogs and cats! Rikho is most thankful for all of the new doggie friends he has met in playgroups! Take him home to your pack today!


Gus Gus

Gus Gus came to the shelter with Stage 4 Periodontal Disease which required that the remainder of his teeth be removed. After his surgery, SPCA Staff Member Alyssa said, “Gus Gus has never been in less pain and is gaining confidence everyday. He still tends to be a little reserved around new people, but quickly warms up and is an extremely affectionate guy.” Gus Gus loves his wet food, curling up in a comfy bed, and he gets along great with other cats! A quiet, mellow home would be best for Gus Gus so he can learn that it is OK to trust people on his terms. Gus Gus is most thankful for wet food and the gentle love and care shown to him by SPCA volunteers and staff that feed him daily. He’d be thankful for a spot on your sofa, too!

ThumbnailGenerate (2)



When Doc was examined by the veterinarians at the shelter, it was determined that he had an enlarged thyroid and showed signs of hyperthyroid disease. The medical team performed a thyroidectomy on Doc and since his surgery, Staff Member Sarah says, “he has gained a greater understanding of life, and does his best to enjoy every minute of it.” Doc is a laid back guy, who is a major lap cat, and absolutely loves wet food. He prefers to be an only cat as he loves to be the center of attention. Doc is most thankful for his single enclosure at the SPCA, his health and all of the warm volunteer laps he can snuggle in daily. Make him the center of your world today!


Make a gift so we can continue providing medical care for pets in need.

September Volunteers of the Month


Meet Loree Sole and Lauren Saunders, our two September volunteers of the month. Lauren and Loree are quiet the dynamic duo at our Petsmart adoption center. These two help with everything from training new volunteers and managing the Petsmart volunteer schedule to adopting out cats and selecting new cats to go to Petsmart. These two ladies are an enormous help to staff, other volunteers, and the people who visit the cats at Petsmart. I can honestly say that I don’t  know what we’d do without their help! They’re dedicated, reliable, and always want what’s best for the cats.

When did you first start volunteering at the SPCA?
Loree: I think it’s been over two years now. Helping with the cats at PetSmart has been almost a year.

Lauren: *goes back to check google doc history* … Fortunately my google doc is better than my actual memory. Almost 2 years now, actually.

Why did you choose to get involved with the SPCA?
Loree: I had adopted a kitten from the old CASPCA. She has since past away and I thought it was time I visit the new site. Once there I was very impressed with the space, cleanliness, and all the volunteers. The main fact that it is a No-Kill shelter spoke to me and said I can be a small part of this organization. So I looked into how I could help.

Lauren: I missed my cats back home! I started volunteering at the Petsmart offsite location because it allowed me to volunteer in the evenings when I had more free time. I’m usually not available between 12 and 6 when the cat room at the main shelter is open. I also go ‘dog running’ occasionally. (No better incentive to exercise then a dog who’s been cooped up all night!). Anyway, over time I realized there was a need for some organizational help so I kind of fell into that role.

Do you usually gravitate towards a certain type of cat here?
Loree: The cats that seem to be misunderstood and can be a bit of a challenge are my first type. Then after that it’s all the rest!

Lauren: We love convincing the shy ones that people are nice after all. When we have an animal for a while, I sometimes put together and post a video for them to spruce up the animals page. I don’t think it gets much visibility but I hope it helps a bit!

What’s your favorite part of volunteering at the SPCA?
Loree: I’d have to say it’s when you get those warm fuzzy feelings after being a part of finding an animal it’s Forever Home. There’s nothing like it!

Lauren: Volunteers at the PetsMart location have the unique role of being responsible not only for socializations but also for center maintenance and adoptions. It can be a lot to organize but it’s a great location. The cats get to roam free and interact for 4-6 hours a day and the Petsmart staff support is great!. Even when there are not SPCA volunteers there the Petsmart staff also comes in to check on them, so they get lots of interaction.

If you could adopt any cat, who would it be and why?
Loree: I already did. He was Mickey, now McCloud. A Sweet, slightly shy, slim, gray with a bit of butterscotch undercoating, boy, who spoke to me. He still talks A LOT, but no longer shy or slim though!

Lauren: Why would you ask me this question Kaicee? *Sigh*image1[1]-web

I’ve been working with Tinkerbelle lately. She’s currently in foster and she’s a bit of a temptation. She’s a little black girl who had one leg removed due to an injury of some kind when she came back to the SPCA. She’s been at the shelter a long time and I’m sure a lot of volunteers will remember her.

She didn’t really move around much at the main shelter and was very fearful. Now, she runs around all the time and even comes up to rub against me. She’s still fearful but you can tell she is desperate for affection. Every evening she IMG_1304[1]-webgets really excited and just can’t help herself. She runs over and gets some loving then eventually she’ll run away again like she’s afraid you’ve ‘caught her’ being cutsie.

Unfortunately I can’t adopt her, so I’m hoping some patient person will come along that can help bring this lovely girl out of her shell even more.

And a funny get-to-know-you question: if you could be any kind of animal, what would you be?
Loree: A Dragon, preferably a Celtic green one, which is rare because they’re mostly red. I can take trips on wings, and walk on strong legs, and also be able to build fires to stay warm. I don’t like the cold. AND I could carry several animals at one time to a happy place.

Lauren: Hahahaha, oh, I don’t know, Can I stick with being a human, I do like having opposable thumbs! I wouldn’t say no to having wings though.

Staff Comments:

“These two ladies are amazing! They help organize the schedule, pick cats, adopt cats, and much more! Don’t know what I’d do without them.”

“They’re outgoing, helpful, and work so well with staff and volunteers, as well as with the Petsmart staff.

October Volunteer of the Month

DSC_2026-webMeet Leigh, our October Volunteer of the Month. Leigh is an amazing dog walker who always brings a smile to the faces of the dogs and the SPCA staff – the cats even love her! It’s hard not to love Leigh with her infectious smile, bubbly personality, and huge heart. We’re so lucky to have such a sweet, kind, and generous volunteer!

When did you first start volunteering at the SPCA?

Summer of 2007.

Why did you choose to get involved with the SPCA?

I’ve always loved animals and wanted to find a way to do more to help them, so I started walking dogs at the CASPCA. That was one of the best decisions of my life.

Do you usually gravitate towards a certain type of dog here?

There are so many wonderful dogs at the CASPCA! Still, the pitbull and staffy mixes consistently win me over. I love their blocky heads, the way they watch intently, the way they read people superbly, and that they are prone to leaning, kissing and spreading joy.

What’s your favorite part of volunteering at the SPCA?

I started volunteering to help dogs, but ended up receiving tremendous kindness and positive energy from them. They are thrilled to be walked and most of them are highly responsive, resilient and appreciative. They have become role models for me. And the people who work for the CASPCA are tremendous. Strong, loving and devoted. Other volunteers feel the same way. We’re lucky to do what we do.

If you could adopt any dog here, who would it  be and why?

That is a hard question. In the end I’d say it’s a three-way tie between Bella, Blossom (pictured above with Leigh) and Chester. All of them have an undeniable dearness to them.

What’s your favorite kind of Halloween candy?

Three Musketeers!

Staff Comments:

“The dogs adore Leigh! It’s clear that she has a special place in her heart for each of them, and they know how much she truly cares.”

“Leigh is the best! I love seeing her. She’s always doing something special for the dogs – bringing them extra treats or toys, bringing them up to visit staff in offices, and just being extra kind to them.”

“I wish Leigh were here 7 days a week! It’s so wonderful to see her, and I know the dogs feel the same way!”

Meet Our Trick-or-Treaters October Staff Picks

Halloween simply would not be complete without cutely costumed pets! It is hard to deny that these furry friends look adorable in costume whether it be a cat or dog. Find out what Wizard, Miller, Murphy, and Hardy would dress up as for “Cutest Trick-or-Treater”!

Wizard-Would go Trick-or-Treating as Yoda


Paul says that is a no-brainer for why Wizard would be Yoda…his ears! He is a very energetic young man who loves playing outside, running, and fetching. Wizard is very smart just like a Jedi master as he knows “sit” and “down, the force is strong in this one! Paul describes him as a huge lover who loves to lean into you to receive attention. He does best with dogs as he is a little too rambunctious with cats.


Miller- Would go Trick-or-Treating as Tigger


“The wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things!” Missy says that Miller would be Tigger because he wants to have fun, fun, fun and is a very goofy, loving guy. He is a very playful guy who loves walks, is excellent on a leash, and  has an eternal optimism that radiates onto anyone that he meets! Miller came into the shelter with hip issues that required surgery, but never once did that damper his spirits, as he persevered through a tough time. Now that his hips are fixed he has a spring in his step, and is ready to go to his forever home!

Murphy- Would go Trick-or-Treating as Spiderman



Linda thinks that Murphy would be Spiderman because he loves to cling on people and snuggle all day. He is a super sweet guy who loves wet food, toys, and to be the center of attention. Murphy would be best as an only cat in a home, as he has only child syndrome, and wants the spotlight on him. He is a very smart guy who would be a great cat to either clicker or harness train.

Hardy ana Van Gogh- Would go Trick-or-Treating as a Pirate



Lisa says that Hardy would be a pirate because he is scruffy and battle-worn from his prior life on the streets. Adopt Hardy and he will share his hidden pirate treasure chest which is full of precious love! He adores sitting in laps, giving head-butts and he won’t make you walk the plank for his love, because he is a lover pirate, not a fighter. Adopt him and sail the endless sea of love that he has to offer!


Best in Show September Staff Picks

While there is certainly something that every single SPCA animal can win “Best in Show” for, we’ve decided to narrow it down to four contestants. These extraordinary contestants are vying for the ultimate prize: a spot in your family! Find out why Vladimir, Mac, Trudy, and Jennifer are our “Best in Show” picks!

vlad-webValdimir – Nominated for being the best nurse and kitten-caretakervlad1-web(3)

Dr. Scheller absolutely loves Vladimir because he helps her take such good care of her patients. Vlad came to the SPCA with severe injuries, but now that he’s healthy, he wants to take care of others. He’s very concerned about the well-being of other cats, especially kittens. Vlad will let kittens knead on him and cuddle up next to him. He’s even tried to help Dr. Scheller check out her other patients! Dr. Scheller describes him as her cat clinic supervisor. Vladimir is only a cat nurse though, no dogs please.

jenn-web(2)Jennifer – Nominated for best supportive exercise buddy

Tiffany says if you need some workout motivation, Jennifer is your BFF! Jennifer loves to go for walks and explore, and if you start lagging on the walk, she’ll also give you lots of kisses and lovin’ to keep you moving and inspired. Jennifer is great at giving puppy-dog eye contact and paying attention to her special person. She loves to sit on or near you, and enjoys munching on some dog cookies. Jenn doesn’t mind other dogs, but she she’s definitely more of a people-person.

Trudy – Nominated for the best bird call and for the best swaggerTrudy-web

Sarah says Trudy is the cutest because she always coos and chirps (hence the best bird call), and due to previous rear-limb fractures prior to coming to the SPCA, Trudy has quiet the wiggle wiggle wiggle in her step. Trudy can often be seen running around and playing with her toys – when she plays, she does an adorable flop-down on her back! She also doesn’t let the non-players get her down. If another cat gives her a swat, Trudy doesn’t let it bother her and instead just keeps going! This peppy, fun-loving cat is sure to put a smile on your face.

mac1-webMac – Nominated for being the best America Ninja WarriorMac-web

Joey thinks Mac is the obvious candidate because Mac is just a lovable goofball who is excited about everything life has to offer. Mac’s energetic, playful, and puppy-like and also incredibly wiggly and full of kisses! Because Mac’s so exuberant and happy, we had a tough time getting a still photo of him, but he’s handsome and adorable nonetheless. This athletic guy loves peanut butter Kongs (peanut butter is a great snack after all the working out he does!) and knows how to sit politely.