February Staff Picks



Amore is slightly reserved in new situations, but will quickly warm up to anyone that she meets. She is an extremely affectionate lady, who will run to the front of her cage to greet people that walk past her cage. A major love bug, she adores being held like a baby and will mesmerize you will her beautiful eyes. Stevie thinks that she would make the perfect Valentine because she is cuddly, and will provide you with a lifetime of snuggles and warmth.

troy 33


Troy is a very easy-going hound who has never met a stranger. He has a very calm demeanor and loves the company of others, which would make him a great fit for any home. An avid seeker of comfort, you can find him nestled up in a warm bed with lots of blankets throughout the day. Ryan thinks that Troy would make a wonderful Valentine because he has a sweet lover’s face that would show up at your door with a bouquet of roses.



Strawberry is an extremely lovable cat who wants nothing more than to meet that special someone. She is the sweetest gal you will meet and loves to greet you with affectionate purrs. While she isn’t the biggest fan of being held, she simply loves to sit next to a faithful companion and receive love. Beth thinks that Strawberry would make an ideal Valentine because she has the a gentle soul and would make anyone’s heart melt.


Zimmy is a sweet gent who has lots of love to give to any human companion that he meets.  This sweet man loves to be curled up in a warm bed, or greeting friends he meets during the day with vocal purrs and sweet head pats. You can often find Zimmy entertaining himself with toys or batting a ball throughout the cat rows. Beth thinks that he would make a superb Valentine because he would provide his new family a lifetime of snuggles and entertainment.



Kynzie is a very warmhearted dog who’s favorite thing to do is sit in people’s lap and enjoy the sweet snuggles that humans have to offer. This lovely lady is very laid back, knows “sit”, and is currently mastering the art of giving a perfect hug. She would make a great fit in just about any home as she gets along well with other dogs and cats. Will thinks that Kynzie would make the perfect Valentine because people should forget about bringing home the Hershey’s chocolate for Valentine’s Day, because she will bring all the kisses that you will ever need.

February Volunteer of the Month


Meet Pam Holden, our February Volunteer of the Month. Pam is the purr-fect February pick because she’s a complete SPCA sweetheart! It’s impossible not to fall in love with Pam – staff, animals, and volunteers are all drawn to her kind disposition and sunny attitude. Pam always  has something wonderful to say to you! She lends support to anyone in need, and can often be found caring for those animals most in need of extra care. We’re so lucky to have this incredibly caring and kind volunteer!

When did you first start volunteer at the SPCA?

I think it was in 1996 – at the old SPCA!

Why did you choose to get involved as a volunteer?

I LOVE animals!

Do you usually gravitate towards a certain type of dog here?

I work with the shy, feral, and un-socialized dogs.

What’s your favorite part of volunteering at the SPCA?

The animals of course! Working with a dog and helping get him/her adopted – the best feeling in the world! And the wonderful, caring staff!

If you were a Valentine’s conversation heart, what would you say?

“Love conquers all!”

Staff Comments:

“She is just all around amazing! She’s ALWAYS so pleaseant to be around. She’s a breath of fresh air with her amazing attitude. She has a really great sense of when she can jump in and help in the clinic, and she’s so gentle. She’s always there for the animals that need a little extra TLC.”

“Pam is one of the most dedicated volunteers we have. She devotes everyday of her life to socializing shy dogs and walking clinic patients. She’s truly a miracle worker and has the patience and love of an angel. We don’t know what we’d do without her.”

 “Pam is the absolute best! She’s always there to help, will gladly step up and offer assistance with any new project or idea. I don’t know what we’d do without her!”

January Volunteers of the Month – The SPCA’s Junior Board

I’m so excited to announce and recognize our SPCA Junior Board Members. These high-school students are going above and beyond in their commitment to make sure that the future of the SPCA and the animal welfare community is bright. Collectively, they represent six local schools. Together, they’ll work with staff and members of our community to learn about different aspects of animal welfare, brainstorm ways to get their peers and schools involved with the SPCA in new ways, plan and lead a mega-adoption event, form teams and fund raise for our 2015 Bow Wow Walk, and much more! Learn more about the Junior Board below!


 2014/2015 Junior Board Members

Jennifer Andersin
Laila Arzouni
Kiara Barbour
Grace Culver
Maggie Dougherty
Kelly Graff
Anna Hennigan
Berkeley Hoerr
Juliet Kingsley
Claire Martin
Ava McDonough
Allison Morris
Audrey Parks
Lisa Shi

Laila's Cody

Laila’s Cody

How long have you been involved with the SPCA?

Audrey: I’ve been a volunteer at the SPCA for two years. Volunteering at the SPCA became a coming of age goal, and when I turned 14 I went to an orientation. My sister got her dog Sadie from the SPCA, and that’s when I started to volunteer. I also came on a field trip when I was in K-1 and I remember seeing a husky mix and being really enchanted by the whole experience.

Kelly: I have volunteered since the summer before ninth grade so a year and a half.

Juliet: I have been volunteering at the SPCA since September of 2014!

Grace: I have been a Junior Volunteer at the CASPCA for three years, but have been making donations and visiting forever!

Allie: I have been involved with the SPCA since a young age (doing bake sales etc. to raise money) but have been volunteering for about 6 months.

Laila: I have been involved with the SPCA since I moved to Charlottesville when I was eight years old. I’ve technically been a junior volunteer since September.

Lisa: I’ve been involved with the SPCA since Freshman year; about a year and a half.

Maggie: I have been volunteering at the SPCA for around two years.

Kiara: I have been involved with the SPCA for almost two years.

Ava: I have loved animals for as long as I remember. After attending the SPCA summer camp when I was in 3rd grade, I was

Grace's Scarlett

Grace’s Scarlett

hooked on volunteering there. There were so many animals that needed love and new homes that I know I needed to help. Ever since then, I have been a foster parent to many puppies and kittens as well as helping to socialize older cats. I also volunteer several hours a month at the SPCA walking dogs, playing with cats, photographing animals, and volunteering at summer camps.

Claire: I have been involved with the SPCA for about a year.

Anna: I have been involved with the SPCA for about a year.  I volunteer some weekends, and over the summer I helped with the summer camp for middle school students.

Why did you decide to volunteer at the SPCA?

Audrey: I’ve grown up loving animals and I have always wanted to be a veterinarian. At any social gathering, I could be found socializing with the nearest pet. Volunteering is a perfect fit because I get to meet a lot of neat animals and help them find a home. 

Kelly's Gracie

Kelly’s Gracie

Kelly: I decided to volunteer because I love animals and have been interested with the SPCA since I got my dog there when I was about 5. I just wanted to help animals get good homes like my dog got. 

Juliet: I decided to volunteer at the SPCA because I not only love animals, but am very passionate about helping animals and giving them better lives. I want to make sure they live a healthy, happy life.

Grace: I volunteer at the SPCA because I love animals and believe that animal cruelty is a serious issue that does not get enough recognition.

Allie: I have always wanted to be a volunteer at the SPCA so when I turned 14 I decided to apply.

Laila: I decided to volunteer at the SPCA because of my love for animals and desire to give them a better life, and hopefully a loving family.

Lisa: I decided to volunteer because i love working with animals and its a great way form of community service.

Maggie: I decided to get involved because I had always thought the SPCA was important and when we needed volunteer hours for school I decided that it was the perfect opportunity.

Kiara: I decided to volunteer at the SPCA because a friend of mine who volunteers here told me about and I decided to join it and it’s been a blast!

Ava: The SPCA is a very special place filled with wonderful volunteers who love to care for animals. I knew I would fit in and be

Allie's Grey

Allie’s Grey

able to love a lot of animals as a way of making their lives better and to help find them a permanent home. Every animal is precious and deserves love.

Claire: I decided to volunteer to get in hours for school/transcripts.

Anna: I love animals (especially cats) and I believe it is important to help animals and ensure that they live the happiest lives possible.  I think that the SPCA is a wonderful opportunity to work with animals and make their lives better while also making a difference in the community.

What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the Junior Board?

Audrey: As a member of the Junior Board, my goal is to learn more about the administrative part of animal welfare. I grew up learning how animals think, now I get to learn how people think about animals.

Kelly: I hope to spread awareness of animals so that as many animals can get as many good homes. And I also want to make more bonds with people with my same interests. 

Juliet: As a Junior Board member, I hope to help organize drives or events to raise money for the animals at the SPCA. I also want to help raise awareness of the SPCA and start an SPCA club at my school.

Grace: I hope to spread interest in volunteering, fundraising and adopting homeless animals, especially to high school students. I also hope to learn about what’s happening “behind-the-scenes” at the SPCA that makes it so successful.

Allie: As a member of the junior board I hope to get more teens involved with the SPCA, help get the SPCA more attention and fundraising, and meet people that share my passion for animals.

Laila: As a junior volunteer, I hope to raise awareness of these adorable pets in need of families, bring joy to the animals’ temporary home at the shelter, and give a helping hand.

Audrey's Jake

Audrey’s Jake

Lisa: I hope to come up with helpful ideas, plans and activities for the SPCA.

Maggie: I hope to help out the community and obviously the animals at the SPCA and get more people in the community involved and helping out.

Kiara: What I hope to accomplish as a member of the junior board is that I want to become actively involved with the animals and staff here at the SPCA.

Ava: I hope to help with increasing awareness of how many cats and dogs need homes in our community, and to help fundraise to support the SPCA with its mission. I have also started an animal club at my high school and want to connect more high school volunteers with the SPCA.

Claire: I hope to help out the community.

Anna: I hope that I can convince others to volunteer and adopt in order to improve the lives of animals, and improve their own lives in the process.

Do you have any SPCA alum at home? (See pictures of their SPCA alum’s throughout the post!)

Audrey: I do have an SPCA alum at home! We adopted Jake the border collie/ setter mix this summer when he was about 4 months old. Jake is really smart and definitely my best friend. He loves to run and chase things, but he also enjoys belly scratches, ear rubs, and hugs. He’s a big dog with a bigger heart. 

Kelly: Yes I have a dog from the SPCA and I have had her since I was 5(about 10 years). She is a border collie mix that loves people, my guinea pig and extra treats. 

Grace: I do have a CASPCA alum at home! Her name is Scarlett (formerly Heidi, I think). She is quite a rascal. She loves being outside, destroying stuffed animals, howling, playing with our neighbor dogs and having her polka-dotted belly rubbed. 

annaAllie: I have a cat named Grey that I got from the SPCA about 5 years ago. He loves playing with my dog, basking in the sun, and laying on laps.

Lalia: I have two dogs and a cat, one of which is from the SPCA. His name is Cody and he is 6 years old. He has a crazy love for treats, toys that squeak, and human food. Also, he recently got shaved but still has a natural Mohawk!!

Ava: Yes, we have Junie, our adorable 10 year-old tuxedo cat, and Peaches, our beloved 5 year-old lemon beagle mix. They are the most loving, wonderful animals in the world!

Anna: I have two SPCA alums!  Mira, the tortoiseshell, is almost two years old, and Leo is  under a year old.  They are best friends and they love to romp and play together.  This picture was taken right after they finished grooming each other:

January Staff Picks

New year, new home!  At the shelter we have a handful of cats that have waited too long for a home of their own. Adopt our 25 longest residents for free! Through the end of January all adoptions fees are waived on our longest residents. Check out a few of our Staff favorites below.

Taffy is a super playful gal who loves toys, treats and any wet food she is given. She absolutely loves to give hugs and is a very vocal cat. Once Taffy creates bond with people she gets extremely excited to see them, and greets them at the front of her cage with loud purrs. A dream home for Taffy would be one with a screened in porch, as she is very adventurous and loves to explore. Taffy wants all the attention to be on her, so a home without any other pets would be best for her. Rebecca says that any person would be lucky to own Taffy because she is so sweet and wants nothing more than to just sit and be with people.


Gomez first arrived at the shelter feral and terrified of everything. With the dedicated staff, Gomez has made leaps and bounds to come out of his shell and has learned to love people. He adores toys that jingle, any toy that has catnip in it, and loves to burrow himself in a blanket and purr. When Gomez hears people, he instantly starts purring and waiting for them to come spend time with him. He is not the biggest fan of being picked up, but loves to sit next to people and be pet. Gomez gets along great with other cats as long as they are mindful of his personal space. A quiet home would be best for him as he tends to get overwhelmed with loud noises and retreat back into his shell. Alyssa thinks that Gomez is the biggest snuggler that you will ever meet, and will bring any person tons of unconditional love.

Mr. Tiffany is an extremely loyal cat to the people he makes connections with, and Lauren thinks that he would make a great fit in a home with a young couple who understand his boundaries. He loves catnip toys, food, and fluffy blankets to knead in. Currently he is working on being a lap cat and loves to sit next to people. Mr. Tiffany would love to explore the outside through a window or screened in porch.


Barb is a very active girl who loves going outside to explore the wonderful sights and sounds. She is learning to get along with other cats, but would prefer to be an only child, as she loves to have the spotlight solely on her. Beth thinks that Barb would thrive in a family setting with older children because they will provide her with unconditional love, and give her space when she becomes overstimulated.


Lionel and Dave Meowthews came into the shelter separately and instantly formed an inseparable bond. Lionel arrived extremely nervous and almost feral; once he met Dave his personality instantly began to change. He started to like receiving gentle head rubs and cuddles from staff. These two are BFF’s and Beth thinks that a quiet, gentle home would be best for them so that they can feel safe and comfortable. Dave would love to have a home with a comfortable nest carefully observing Lionel playing and exploring their new home together. ADOPTED!!!!!

6 5

Carolina is a very sweet, gentle girl that is patiently waiting to find her perfect human companion. She would do great in any home, is indifferent to other cats, and loves to cuddle in a warm comfy bed. Lauren says that Carolina is a very easy going low key cat, and would do great with a fellow foodie, as Carolina herself loves food! She is an extremely affectionate to her human and would make a great companion to a quiet home.



12saves-banner12 Saves of Christmas: Freeing Fiona From Pain

12saves-fionaFiona arrived at the SPCA filthy, covered in fleas and ticks. She was a sad sight: her front toe nails were so long they had curled under and dug deep into her paw pads, many of her teeth were rotten and in need of extraction, and she had one of the worst ear infections that our clinic staff had ever seen. It was heartbreaking to look at her.

Despite the obvious pain she was in, Fiona was still the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She was always looking for affection, a hand to nuzzle or a lap to curl up in. She quickly won the hearts of the staff caring for her.

12AVES-fionapawThe SPCA medical team began by treating Fiona’s parasites, addressing her painful paws and performing dental surgery to clean and extract her infected teeth. Her ears were another matter; it would require more than just simple antibiotic treatments to clear the terrible, painful infection.

12saves-fionaearOur Director of Medical Services consulted with our friends at Virginia Veterinary Specialists and everyone agreed that surgery was needed to remedy Fiona’s ear pain. Fiona’s ears were completely obstructed by masses that were likely the result of years of painful, untreated ear infections. She would need to have costly ear surgery to remove the masses in order resolve the severe infection and free her from the pain that had likely plagued her for years.

We turned to our community to help us raise the $3,500 needed to cover Fiona’s care and the outpouring of support was touching–hundreds of donors made gifts and sent encouraging notes wishing her well.

12saves-fiona-recoveryFiona would need a pre-surgery MRI in the following days and her surgery would be completed the next week. Fiona came through surgery like a champ. Within days she showed signs of feeling better, and she likely did, because for the first time in perhaps years, her ears were free from infection and pain.

In the coming weeks Fiona would go into a foster home for the rest of her recovery. The family bonded with her quickly and made it known that they had no intention of bringing her back to the SPCA–she was going to become one of the family.

Fiona is one of more than 3,000 pets that have depended on us for care so far this year. Some of these pets simply needed a safe place to rest their paws while they wait for their owners to find them, but many, like Fiona, arrived sick, injured and suffering, in need of lifesaving medical care or behavioral help. All of this care comes at a cost and it is only with your support that we are able to continue providing it to pets like Fiona. Please make a yearend gift today so that we can continue to give pets in need a brighter future into 2015.