April Staff Picks

Alyssa and Sammyalysaa

Sammy is a sweet lovable gal who has her sights set only being the center of attention and would love to be the only child in the home as she is a diva! She is a very confident cat that is extremely vocal and wants nothing more than to curl up in a nest and soak up the sun. If you are looking for a constant companion look no further than Sammy, this lovely lady loves to be next to you! Sammy is looking forward to springing into a new home where she can let her personality bloom!






Lauren: Starsky and Hutchlaurne-pic

Meet Starsky & Hutch, the dream team and dynamic duo eagerly awaiting their purr-fect forever home! Starsky is a gorgeous, playful boy who loves to explore and will cheerfully follow you from room to room. Hutch is a friendly snuggle bug who is happy to lounge around and will keep the couch warm for you! After arriving at the shelter through no fault of their own, these affectionate dudes are ready for their fresh start! Because they are so easygoing and loving, Starsky and Hutch would be a great fit in any loving home. These handsome brothers have been together since birth and are looking for their new home together—they are inseparable, and to keep them together, their new family will receive a two-for-one discounted adoption fee.  Come snuggle with Starsky and Hutch today!



Beth and Lucy



Lucy is an absolutely lovely Abyssinian mix who is the perfect combination of cuteness and love. While she isn’t the biggest fan of being held, she loves to be next to you and give you gentle head butts to receive attention. A warm bed to lounge in is where you can find Lucy throughout the day, making friends with everyone that she meets. She is an extremely curious, inquisitive cat who loves to observe everything that you are doing! This spring, Lucy looks forward to a fresh start for a chance to find love to spring into her life!




lindaLinda and Fayette


Fayette is a super sweet gal who is full of life, zest, and loves to play with any toy she can get her paws on! This beautiful lady has a kitten face, silky fur, a petite body and a charming personality to match it! She dreams of a home where there is ample room to run and explore. Fayette adores everyone that she meets, and will greet you with a loving chirp to let you know she is excited to receive attention  Since she is older lady she is eagerly awaiting a fresh start in her purr-fect forever home.





Paul: Nina and Opie



This lovable bonded pair is sure to make any heart melt when you see the depth of their friendship. These BFF’s are actively searching for their forever home when they romp around all day in their new backyard. You can tell when they get excited to see you as their little numbs for a tail wag! They both love to go for long walks, play with toys, and are very eager to please anyone that they meet. Nina and Opie are an inseparable pair that are fresher than a spring breeze, and are ready to let their love and affection bloom.




Rebecca and Bear bear1

Bear is an older man who is looking for a home when he can enjoy the simple things in life, unconditional love, a warm bed to sleep in, and lots of snacks! He is house trained and an extreme love bug who will shower you with kisses. Bear is patiently waiting for the right person to sweep him off his feet and treat him like the prince he really is. Recently, Bear had a haircut and Rebecca notes that his hair is growing back faster than grass in a spring rain!

Compassionate Care Clinic

Join us Sunday, June 7th for our second quarterly Compassionate Pet Care Clinic. This clinic will provide a wellness exam, pet care education, Rabies vaccines, other vaccines and routine wellness care at a very reduced fee. Clients must show proof of public assistance to qualify for care.* 

If you have any questions, please email mhamlin@caspca.org or call (434) 964-3327 for more information.

Wellness clinic services

Join our friends and support the planning of the Crozet Park at the Starr Hill Brewery Taproom on Friday, April 3rd from 6-9PM as they kick off a month-long “Pints for Pups” fundraiser. The goal is to raise $34K to build the park in 2015. This is important for our four-legged friends in Crozet!


The SPCA and Rummage Store will be closed on 3/5 in observation of Easter.easter

March Staff Picks

Our animals at the SPCA are certainly feeling the luck of the Irish this month! Whether it be a dog or cat, these furry friends are bringing the luck to a home near you! Find out why Alex, Hank, Tyra, Richie, and Max are your new lucky charms!


Lauren and Alexalex and lauren

Alex is super friendly and outgoing kitty who loves to play with toys, especially lasers! You can often find Alex laying on his back curled up in a warm bed, soaking up the sun. He is an adventurous explorer with a great sense of playfulness as well as an affectionate lovebug who will happily follow you from room to room. Anyone would be luckier than a pot of gold to have this debonair dude as he is delightfully devoted and ridiculously charming! Because he’s got so much purr-sonality, Alex’s ideal home would involve him being the only fur-kid! Come meet Alex today!




tiffany               Tiffany and Hank

Hank is a very smart young man who already knows how to sit! He’s a playful, housebroken pup who lives to play fetch and loves to be active outdoors. He’ll be a constant companion for his new family and is delightfully well-behaved at home. Handsome Hank would be an amazing fit for an active family looking to add a charming pup as their new running partner, especially if you’ve got a yard for him to run in and a few tennis balls for him to chase after! This dashing dude is sure to become your lucky touchstone for marathons and races. Come fall in love with Hank today!




samSam and Tyra

Tyra is a sweet girl who loves soft and cozy blankets to curl up in, although her favorite snuggly accessory is a warm lap! She is a quiet, gentle soul with amazing manners who had a rough start to life and through a stroke of good luck she came to us at the CASPCA, where she is looking for her fur-ever family to provide plenty of cuddles and unconditional love. Tyra’s perfect match would include a home with no kitties, as she isn’t fond of felines, but she is otherwise a very easygoing gal who would love nothing more than to curl up on the couch with you and gaze up at you adoringly. Come cuddle with Tyra today!


richie              Sarah and Richie

Richie is a sweet-natured people-pleaser who loves attention! He will often roll onto his back and welcomes belly rubs (although frankly he’s happy with any and all attention!) and he is quite fond of treats, as you might be able to tell from his photo! Richie is a snuggler who loves to be held and is incredibly patient and tolerant. He is also great with children and with dogs as he loves just about anything. His outgoing nature, excellent manners, and playful but affectionate nature make Richie a truly lucky charm sure to bring joy to his fur-ever family for many years! Come rub Richie’s belly today!


Joey and Maxjoey

Max is a playful and energetic pup who loves attention and hugs and who will happily climb into your lap for cuddles! A people-pleaser at heart, Max is generous with his kisses and affection and has an unfailingly charming personality sure to delight everyone he meets. He loves long walks, showing off his smarts with tricks like “sit”, and is happy to play with a canine companion or two! All Max really wants in life is someone to love and someone to love him! Won’t you make today his lucky day and take him home with you?