March Staff Picks

Our animals at the SPCA are certainly feeling the luck of the Irish this month! Whether it be a dog or cat, these furry friends are bringing the luck to a home near you! Find out why Alex, Hank, Tyra, Richie, and Max are your new lucky charms!


Lauren and Alexalex and lauren

Alex is super friendly and outgoing kitty who loves to play with toys, especially lasers! You can often find Alex laying on his back curled up in a warm bed, soaking up the sun. He is an adventurous explorer with a great sense of playfulness as well as an affectionate lovebug who will happily follow you from room to room. Anyone would be luckier than a pot of gold to have this debonair dude as he is delightfully devoted and ridiculously charming! Because he’s got so much purr-sonality, Alex’s ideal home would involve him being the only fur-kid! Come meet Alex today!




tiffany               Tiffany and Hank

Hank is a very smart young man who already knows how to sit! He’s a playful, housebroken pup who lives to play fetch and loves to be active outdoors. He’ll be a constant companion for his new family and is delightfully well-behaved at home. Handsome Hank would be an amazing fit for an active family looking to add a charming pup as their new running partner, especially if you’ve got a yard for him to run in and a few tennis balls for him to chase after! This dashing dude is sure to become your lucky touchstone for marathons and races. Come fall in love with Hank today!




samSam and Tyra

Tyra is a sweet girl who loves soft and cozy blankets to curl up in, although her favorite snuggly accessory is a warm lap! She is a quiet, gentle soul with amazing manners who had a rough start to life and through a stroke of good luck she came to us at the CASPCA, where she is looking for her fur-ever family to provide plenty of cuddles and unconditional love. Tyra’s perfect match would include a home with no kitties, as she isn’t fond of felines, but she is otherwise a very easygoing gal who would love nothing more than to curl up on the couch with you and gaze up at you adoringly. Come cuddle with Tyra today!


richie              Sarah and Richie

Richie is a sweet-natured people-pleaser who loves attention! He will often roll onto his back and welcomes belly rubs (although frankly he’s happy with any and all attention!) and he is quite fond of treats, as you might be able to tell from his photo! Richie is a snuggler who loves to be held and is incredibly patient and tolerant. He is also great with children and with dogs as he loves just about anything. His outgoing nature, excellent manners, and playful but affectionate nature make Richie a truly lucky charm sure to bring joy to his fur-ever family for many years! Come rub Richie’s belly today!


Joey and Maxjoey

Max is a playful and energetic pup who loves attention and hugs and who will happily climb into your lap for cuddles! A people-pleaser at heart, Max is generous with his kisses and affection and has an unfailingly charming personality sure to delight everyone he meets. He loves long walks, showing off his smarts with tricks like “sit”, and is happy to play with a canine companion or two! All Max really wants in life is someone to love and someone to love him! Won’t you make today his lucky day and take him home with you?

March Volunteer Fosters of the Month

a-caspca-Leroux-family(1)Meet the Leroux Family! This fabulous family has fostered over 90 animals, and have been an invaluable part of the SPCA family. Not only has this family provided tons of animals in need with the best start possible: a new life and a second chance full of love and confidence; but they’ve also instilled the value of community and compassion in their children, and are helping raise the next generation of animal lovers and advocates – now that is truly invaluable. We love the Leroux’s and are so thankful to have them!

When did you first become a foster family with the SPCA?

Summer of 2010

a-cats-2How did you decide to get involved with fostering?

We were new to Charlottesville and I wanted to get my family involved in a community activity. When I was growing up in Kentucky, my Mother was always involved in rescuing, fostering, adoptions, and wildlife rehabilitation. I have wonderful memories of helping my Mom “save” animals. I wanted my children to grow up knowing the value of commitment, responsibility, compassion, hard work, and sacrifice. It’s a lot of fun too… Caring for little orphan animals has become a family-bonding activity that we all enjoy. What once started as a way to teach my kids has now become a beloved family mission. Fostering for the CASPCA provides a wonderful experience for the whole family. We LOVE being a foster family.

What is your favorite type of animal to foster and why?

My family loves to foster kittens. We enjoy taking in large litters or a Mama cat with her young babies. We have arranged our home to accommodate multiple kittens and cats. I have several large cat towers around the home and way too many cat toys. We enjoy getting the young kittens and watching the personalities develop. There is nothing more precious and cute then a home full of active, silly, happy, healthy kittens. That being said, we’ve also enjoyed fostering bunnies, guinea pigs, and dogs too – but kittens are definitely our favorite.

What’s so great about fostering?

What I love most about fostering is an easy question….the animals! I love getting animals that might be sick, underage, or a bit shy and watching the ahh....little-to-the-lefttransformation. With dedication to their health needs, good nutrition and the right amount of cuddles and playtime, these little guys always flourish and grow into wonderful companions. It is incredibly rewarding to save lives. The effort and love we give these animals transforms them into healthy, happy, well behaved pets who will quickly find their forever home. I can honestly say I have loved every foster animal, all 100 of them, and that I have benefited as much as they have. My children and I will always share special memories of bottle feeding newborn kittens, or being there while a momma guinea pig gave birth. We just love being with the animals and caring for them. It’s hard to have a bad day when you have a house full of kittens. I also love fostering because it has created a great opportunity for my family to work together and bond. No electronics or technology needed when caring for and playing with special animals. Fostering has created a unique family dynamic where we work together and focus on something positive and healthy. Together we make a difference in this world, and we are having a blast doing it!

How does the whole family help with foster animals?

The kids feed, play with, and socialize the animals. My dog Daisy helps with the playing and socializing as well. I tend to get stuck changing litter pans. My husband’s primary role is to put up with the minor inconveniences of having 7 or 8 kittens at once. He’s a pretty good sport about it all.

fedding-pigsWhat’s the silliest name you’ve ever given to a foster?

It would have to be a tie between “General Kittyton” and “Cutest One Ever”

Staff Comments

“Oh wow, how do I even begin to describe how great this family is? I know that any animal this family takes into foster is going to come back extremely well socialized and ready for adoption, and will find a home quickly because of all the work and love they put into the animal. And I love how Diane makes fostering a family thing. I love when I see them walk through our doors!”

They’re always so willing to help, and always want to do what’s best for the animals and the SPCA. Whenever we send an animal home with them, I know we can count on them 100% to do the best job possible.”

“I love them!! They’re such a wonderful family, and are just amazing to have. I can’t say enough nice things about them – they’re the BEST!”

BMW Adoption Day

Visit with us this Saturday, March 14 at BMW of Charlottesville for an afternoon full of adoptable pets for only $10. This is the perfect time to get your profile a picture taken for your Bow Wow Walk profile! We hope to see you there!

bow wow


Compassionate Care Clinic

Join us Sunday, March 15th for our first quarterly Compassionate Pet Care Clinic. This clinic will provide a wellness exam, pet care education, Rabies vaccines, other vaccines and routine wellness care at a very reduced fee. Clients must show proof of public assistance to qualify for care.* 

If you have any questions, please email or call (434) 964-3327 for more information.

Wellness clinic services

February Staff Picks



Amore is slightly reserved in new situations, but will quickly warm up to anyone that she meets. She is an extremely affectionate lady, who will run to the front of her cage to greet people that walk past her cage. A major love bug, she adores being held like a baby and will mesmerize you will her beautiful eyes. Stevie thinks that she would make the perfect Valentine because she is cuddly, and will provide you with a lifetime of snuggles and warmth.

troy 33


Troy is a very easy-going hound who has never met a stranger. He has a very calm demeanor and loves the company of others, which would make him a great fit for any home. An avid seeker of comfort, you can find him nestled up in a warm bed with lots of blankets throughout the day. Ryan thinks that Troy would make a wonderful Valentine because he has a sweet lover’s face that would show up at your door with a bouquet of roses.



Strawberry is an extremely lovable cat who wants nothing more than to meet that special someone. She is the sweetest gal you will meet and loves to greet you with affectionate purrs. While she isn’t the biggest fan of being held, she simply loves to sit next to a faithful companion and receive love. Beth thinks that Strawberry would make an ideal Valentine because she has the a gentle soul and would make anyone’s heart melt.


Zimmy is a sweet gent who has lots of love to give to any human companion that he meets.  This sweet man loves to be curled up in a warm bed, or greeting friends he meets during the day with vocal purrs and sweet head pats. You can often find Zimmy entertaining himself with toys or batting a ball throughout the cat rows. Beth thinks that he would make a superb Valentine because he would provide his new family a lifetime of snuggles and entertainment.



Kynzie is a very warmhearted dog who’s favorite thing to do is sit in people’s lap and enjoy the sweet snuggles that humans have to offer. This lovely lady is very laid back, knows “sit”, and is currently mastering the art of giving a perfect hug. She would make a great fit in just about any home as she gets along well with other dogs and cats. Will thinks that Kynzie would make the perfect Valentine because people should forget about bringing home the Hershey’s chocolate for Valentine’s Day, because she will bring all the kisses that you will ever need.

February Volunteer of the Month


Meet Pam Holden, our February Volunteer of the Month. Pam is the purr-fect February pick because she’s a complete SPCA sweetheart! It’s impossible not to fall in love with Pam – staff, animals, and volunteers are all drawn to her kind disposition and sunny attitude. Pam always  has something wonderful to say to you! She lends support to anyone in need, and can often be found caring for those animals most in need of extra care. We’re so lucky to have this incredibly caring and kind volunteer!

When did you first start volunteer at the SPCA?

I think it was in 1996 – at the old SPCA!

Why did you choose to get involved as a volunteer?

I LOVE animals!

Do you usually gravitate towards a certain type of dog here?

I work with the shy, feral, and un-socialized dogs.

What’s your favorite part of volunteering at the SPCA?

The animals of course! Working with a dog and helping get him/her adopted – the best feeling in the world! And the wonderful, caring staff!

If you were a Valentine’s conversation heart, what would you say?

“Love conquers all!”

Staff Comments:

“She is just all around amazing! She’s ALWAYS so pleaseant to be around. She’s a breath of fresh air with her amazing attitude. She has a really great sense of when she can jump in and help in the clinic, and she’s so gentle. She’s always there for the animals that need a little extra TLC.”

“Pam is one of the most dedicated volunteers we have. She devotes everyday of her life to socializing shy dogs and walking clinic patients. She’s truly a miracle worker and has the patience and love of an angel. We don’t know what we’d do without her.”

 “Pam is the absolute best! She’s always there to help, will gladly step up and offer assistance with any new project or idea. I don’t know what we’d do without her!”