Adult Volunteers at the SPCA

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. Volunteers are an integral part of our lifesaving work and we deeply appreciate their dedication to the homeless animals in our area. 

In response to the new recommendation from the CDC and the White House to avoid groups of 10 people or more in public, the SPCA is continuing to take preventative steps to ensure the safety of our staff and volunteers regarding coronavirus COVID-19. For now, we are not allowing anyone into the building that is not performing essential functions in order to prevent cross-contamination. We are not training any new volunteers at this time.

You are very welcome to submit an application. Our volunteer manager will get in touch with you as soon as we resume volunteer trainings. You can find information about future volunteer opportunities below. 

Thank you for supporting our animals!

Volunteer Eligibility:

Volunteers must be fourteen years old or older to volunteer independently. We offer some opportunities for parents and guardians who want to volunteer with their children seven years of age or older. Please contact the volunteer coordinator at to discuss options for adult/child volunteer pairs. Volunteers who are 14-17 years old can submit an application here.


Volunteer Opportunities:

One-day service groups: We can accommodate groups of up to ten people for one-day service. All volunteers must be fourteen years old or older and at least two members of the group must be eighteen years old or older. When groups volunteer with us, we have them help out with special projects, which often include organizing the front lobby, adding mulch to our walking trails, cleaning crates, filling up water bowls, and restocking closets. Groups always have the chance to hang out with cats in our lobby, and if the majority of your group is 18 years old or older, we may also be able to arrange for your group to walk some dogs. We generally schedule groups to come in from 10am-1pm Sundays-Thursdays, but with advance notice, we can often be flexible. Please contact the volunteer coordinator at (434) 973-5959×308 or to arrange for one-day group service.


Court-ordered community service:  Please fill out an application form here.


Long-term adult volunteering: If you are interested in volunteering with us for at least 2-3 months, we’d be very glad to have your help with a variety of service opportunities, including cat socialization, dog walking, front lobby assistance, rummage store help, field trips, and fundraising events. Because training volunteers involves significant staff time, we generally ask new volunteers to commit to at least thirty hours of service in their first six months with us.  To get started as a long-term adult volunteer, please follow the instructions below.

Getting Started as an Adult Long-term Volunteer:

  1. Submit your $15 orientation fee below.  This fee pays for your volunteer t-shirt which you will receive the first time you volunteer at our shelter.
  2. After you submit your fee, you will be redirected to an online volunteer application. Please fill out and submit this application.
  3. When the volunteer coordinator accepts your application (within two weeks of submission), you will receive an email with instructions on how to access our online general volunteer orientation or sign up for an in-person orientation.
  4. After you complete the general volunteer orientation, you will be able to sign up for more specific volunteer trainings, depending on what you’d like to help us with. For some volunteer opportunities, including cat socialization and dog walking, you will be required to complete additional online trainings. For all volunteer opportunities, you will need to shadow an experienced volunteer or staff member at least once before volunteering independently.

For Current Volunteers: You can access your volunteer profile on Better Impact.

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