Puppy Manners 1


Puppy Manners will be the highlight of your puppy’s week! Join us for off-leash play with other puppies, and to start learning good manners!

Young puppies typically learn new things quickly. This class will introduce your puppy to the cues he/she will need to be a great family dog. Some cues covered will be sit, downs, leave its and coming when called, using positive reinforcement and clicker training. Puppy issues (housebreaking, chewing, and jumping on people, etc.) will be covered.

Socialization and play is an important part of your pup’s development. Through play, your pup learns appropriate interactions, to read body language of other dogs, and bite inhibition. Each week, your pup will have supervised play time with new friends!

This class is for puppies age 8 weeks to 5 months. Puppies must have the 1st round of DHPP vaccines at least 5 days prior to the first class. Puppies 4 months and older must have a current rabies vaccine. Vaccinations must be kept up to date throughout the class.

Cost: $125 per puppy or $100 per puppy if adopted from the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA.

All sessions are currently postponed until further notice.

Note: If Albemarle County schools are closed due to inclement weather, classes for that day will also be canceled, and rescheduled.

Meet Our Instructor: 

Janet Trauger began her dog training career as first a puppy raiser, then Dog Trainer at Service Dogs of Virginia in 2006. Through her tenure at SDV, Janet raised 8 puppies, numerous “teen” dogs, taught puppy classes and advanced dog skills, and trained puppy raisers, volunteers and clients in dog handling skills.

In 2013, Janet turned to pet dog training and started Raising K9 Va. Janet’s classes and private training use positive reinforcement and clicker training to teach dogs and puppies (and their people) the skills to be great family pets. Janet also offers Therapy Dog training to owner and dog teams, to prepare for testing and future Therapy Dog visits.

Janet lives in North Garden, VA, with her husband, 4 dogs and 3 cats.

A Testimonial from a Student:

“In December 2014, I adopted Winter from the SPCA. She and I then learned about the training classes offered by Janet Trauger at your wonderful facility. Even though I have had many dogs in my life, this was the first time ever that I enrolled in a series of classes. What a great instructor Janet was (and is) to work with different dogs and their owners, personalizing her suggestions, depending on the personalities of the pups and people … My once very shy and underweight stray has become a social, happy and fun-to-be-around dog. The clicker training was a first for me but helped to ‘train’ me and Winter. Learning how to be around other dogs, how to behave at vet visits, how to trust and how to handle daily situations, keeping safe–all this was covered in these classes. We are happy to be graduates of Janet’s course and to be ambassadors for the SPCA.”

Please note: All sales are final. No refunds available.