Pet Mascot

Meet our 2022 Pet Mascot… Casey! This sweet boy enjoys spending time with family, swimming and visiting wineries. Casey’s owners, Steven and Bonnie, say Casey enhances everyones day!

“Casey was born in Northern Virginia and has a famous father who is one of the top all-time awarded Golden Retrievers. He will be four years old later this month and spends a lot of his time at Auburn Hill Farm swimming, playing soccer, chewing on sticks, chasing tennis balls and taking daily four-mile hikes with Steve. Sometimes Steve’s daughter’s family comes over along with his two friends, Scouty and Bruce (both local shelter dogs).

Casey splits his time between the farm with Steve and Bonnie and her two boys, Adam and Lucas, in the Bellaire area. He travels to Longboat Key, Florida at least a couple times each year. He enjoys traveling in the back seat of the car with the window partially open so he can stick his nose out to smell all the new scents and look at the countryside.

He starts his day with a good brushing, ear cleaning, an allergy pill coated in peanut butter and a long walk. Like most dogs, he lives in the moment, and everything is his favorite thing, but he does seem to favor hiking and running through the fields with company. He also enjoys wading into the pond, holding his favorite well worn tennis ball in his mouth, chewing on sticks, playing tug tug with his large Kong bone or eating peanut butter out of his big red Kong. He collects all the gloves, hats, socks and shoes within his reach, although he rarely chews them up, just carries them around proudly and wants you to chase him to get them back. If there is any water around, Casey will be sure to find it and immediately jump into it!

He also enjoys going to wineries and is considered the unofficial mascot at several he visits frequently. He does not drink anything except water, but enjoys meeting all the new people. He is a wonderful ambassador and seems to enhance everyone’s day that crosses his path.”

Do you have the cutest canine or fanciest feline in town? Make your cherished pet the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA’s mascot for a year! During the Critter Ball fundraiser in the fall, the “Make Your Pet a Star” auction item will give you the chance to show off your four-legged friend.

The winner of the 2021 “Make Your Pet a Star” was Casey! As part of the auction package, Casey will have his portrait taken by Jen Fariello Photography, an animal kennel dedicated to him for one year with a customized plaque, a featured story in an SPCA e-newsletter, will represent the SPCA as the mascot on our business cards, and greet guests every time they enter our doors as the official mascot of the donation box in our foyer! ​ Casey will be featured on the 2022 Critter Ball invitation, Critter Ball website, and the 2022 bowWOWwalk tee shirt! He and his owner will be invited to the 2022 Critter Ball to welcome the new family into their mascot role.

*The items included in the “Make Your Pet a Star” auction package may be subject to change