Meet our VNB Pets of the Month …

Meet Babe!

Have you met Babe? He’s the biggest star around! He loves to know what everyone is doing and wants everyone to know what he’s doing. When he’s not updating his Instagram, Babe enjoys going for walks; the longer the better! He loves to meet people and get all up in their business and find out their secrets. And after being nosy for awhile he likes to cuddle up with his favorite person and take a snooze. Do you often find your feet getting a little chilly? Well no more! Babe enjoys getting to lie on his people’s feet. Guess what! Although Babe is totally up for learning some more tricks, he already knows “sit,” “stay,” and “down.”

If you’re looking for the sweetest and smartest dog around, then email for more information about Babe!

Meet Ari!

Ari is using her time in a foster home to practice self-care.

Ari’s rules to self-care include:

*Play soft relaxing music and try to avoid loud noises

*Use blankets or a cat tent for optimum coziness

*Always pick a sunny windowsill for lounging

*Keep a supply of yummy food and snacks on hand

*Don’t rush. Take your time with things and enjoy the process

*Focus on the people you love & don’t worry about what strangers think

At first Ari thought self-care had to be done alone, but has since realized her foster mom only makes things better. She even purrs when getting cheek pets.

Are you interested in learning about self-care? Ari offers in-home consultations for a small fee; fill out an adoption application for a chance to learn from the best!