Foster for the Holidays

foster4holidaysOpen your home and your heart! This holiday season, consider giving one of our pets a temporary break from life at the shelter and the chance to experience the joy of the holidays in a real home. Ask a staff member which pets are in need of foster for the holidays or visit our Foster Tree at the SPCA to view the photos of pets in need of a break.  Apply to be a foster parent here.


2-cats-10Are there cats living on your property? Have them fixed for free before they reproduce. For a limited time, the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA will spay or neuter any cat from the City of Charlottesville or County of  Albemarle for FREE. Trapping assistance is available for feral/community cats. For quick service, apply now online or call (434) 964-3333.

For non-resident rates click here.

For dog spay/neuter information click here.


Power to the Puppies! Home Check-up by LEAP

Get a Home Energy Check-up performed by Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) and support the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCAleap

Visit or call 434-227-4666 to sign up for an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, health and safety. The value of this package is estimated at up to $250, but for Dominion customers the price for homeowners is only $45! As part of the Power to the Puppies! campaign, $10 of that fee will go to the animals at the SPCA. Just select our organization when you sign up for your evaluation and the animals will thank you.

Check-up Flyer CASPCA

Got a Barn or Backyard?…Get a Buddy!

barncatOur barn buddy cats won’t sit on your lap or cuddle on your pillow, but they are wonderful workers providing great natural rodent control in your barn, shed, garage or warehouse. They are the “green” choice for rodent control, and no job is too small! All they ask in return is food, water and a cozy shelter. If you can provide these, we’ll provide you with a pair of fixed, vaccinated, healthy cats for free. We’ll even deliver.

Click here to learn more about our barn cat placement program.