Virginia Film Pets-tival


We are so excited that the Virginia Film Festival will be happening in Charlottesville November 1-4, so we thought it would be have fun to have a little film “pets-tival” of our own! You are invited to submit a video of your own pets or enter a video into our #GetEmHomeChallenge category to feature an adoptable animal that has been at the CASPCA for 30 days or more. More details about categories and submission can be found below.

The rules for the videos are very simple. Videos must be less than one minute in length and can’t have any copyrighted material in them. Videos should be submitted to Moriah Good at during the time period stipulated for each category. Please provide your name, email address, video category, video title and name(s) of the pet(s) featured in the video.


Drama, Comedy, Documentary, it’s your choice and your pet!- Submissions accepted 11/2. Videos will be posted on the CASPCA website November 3.

Is your dog the most dramatic? Is your tabby’s acting a tour de force? Maybe your hound is hilarious? We want to see it! 

#GetEmHomeChallenge- Submissions accepted 11/3 . Videos will be posted on the CASPCA website November 4.

For this very special category, we’re inviting you to come to the shelter and meet one of our animals that has been with us for 30 days or more. Create a video that features this animal and helps spread the word that they’re looking for a home! For more information on how to find an animal for this video category, email

CASPCA staff, fosters and volunteers are welcome to submit videos of their shelter favorites!

Prizes: There will be two winners and each winner will have a choice of a $50 gift certificate to the SPCA Rummage Store or the CASPCA Retail Store.

Please email with any questions and HAVE FUN!