Microchipping & Rabies

Did you know that one in three pets will get lost in their lifetime? Without identification, 90 percent will never return home. Returning lost pets to their owners is an important part of the SPCA’s lifesaving mission. That’s why the SPCA is now offering walk-in hours for your pet to receive a rabies vaccine or microchip.

Microchip and rabies walk-in clinics are held the first Sunday of every month from 12-4PM. DECEMBER 2019 CLINIC WILL BE HELD ON THE SECOND SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8. 

The SPCA hosts Compassionate Care Clinics throughout the year for clients on public assistance.  This does not include a vet exam. All pets should be healthy. Any clients on assistance are encouraged to attend the Compassionate Care Clinic to receive rabies vaccines, vet exams, and microchips.

Rabies vaccine: $25 | With proof of public assistance: $10
Microchip: $30 | With proof of public assistance: $10
Rabies vaccine & microchip together: $40 | With proof of public assistance: $15

A current rabies vaccine is required by Virginia State Law for all cats and dogs over four months of age. Bring your pet’s previous proof of rabies vaccination to receive a three-year rabies vaccine.


Limit of four pets per person per walk-in appointment. Please bring all cats in carriers and all dogs on leashes. Walk-in appointments are not for feral animals. Contact the clinic to schedule an appointment for a feral animal.

For more information, call (434) 973-5959 x206 or email clinic@caspca.org.


Feline $40
Canine 5-22lb $41
Canine 23-44lb $42
Canine 45-88lb $43
Canine 89-132lb $44