I have found a pet

If you have found a pet in the Charlottesville-Albemarle area, please fill out a report at the appropriate link below. If you have found a pet in another jurisdiction, please refer to the list of regional animal shelters on the “I Have Lost a Pet” page.

File A Found Dog Report

File A Found Cat Report

Please provide as much detail as possible and use the internet to aid in indentifying the color and breed of the animal.

Keep the pet safe. If you are able to house the pet to give the owners an opportunity to find them, we recommend that you keep them separated from your own pets. Also, please keep in mind that the found pet may be microchipped or tattooed. The pet should be scanned by the SPCA or vet as soon as possible.

If you are unable to hold the pet, please bring it to the SPCA.

Help notify the owner. To help the owner find their pet, after you file a found report with the SPCA, you may want to place a Craigslist ad in the lost and found section or post found dog/cat posters in your neighborhood. Include a photo, a description of where it was found, and the contact information for where the pet is being held.