Fred Thanks You!

Update: We have raised the funds needed for Fred’s surgery!  Thanks to all of Fred’s new friends and our amazingly generous family of CASPCA supporters!  His knee surgery will be scheduled very soon and he will be one step closer towards being able to live a pain-free life!

Meet Fred! Fred is a sweet, approximately three-year-old mixed breed dog that arrived at the CASPCA as a stray. Like many of the dogs that enter our doors, we do not know anything about Fred’s life prior to his arrival at the shelter. During a routine intake procedure, the clinic assistants noticed that Fred had a limp on his right rear leg and appeared unbalanced. A veterinary exam was requested. After an orthopedic examination and X-rays, it was determined that Fred has a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament! This is similar to a common injury in human athletes called a torn ACL. This injury causes instability in Fred’s knee, resulting in a lot of pain when he attempts to walk and run. Fred is a very happy and brave dog who has been receiving oral pain medication since his diagnosis. However, in order to give Fred the opportunity to live pain-free, play like other dogs, and hopefully end up as some lucky human’s hiking buddy, he will need a specialized orthopedic surgery to provide stability in his right knee. After surgery, he will have a lengthy recovery period with physical therapy.

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