Meet our VNB Pets of the Month …


Meet Carmel!

Carmel, aka…’Buddy’ LOVES to nest in his blankets! Which get relocated each night depending on where he chooses to sleep that night. Some nights it is in bed with one of us. Some nights it is on his bed in the bedroom, occasionally it is on the couch. And some nights he just wants to be alone, in his own space and sleeps in his crate.
He loves romping around on his foster-brothers bed and playing in the super soft blanket-
which he then falls asleep on.

He also loves playing ball! He is pretty good about bringing it back to you. usually. lol
I think he would be fantastic at going on day hikes as he LOVES the woods and walking in them.

Did I tell you about the AMAZING hugs this sweet boy gives?!!! He stands up on his hind legs, puts his front legs on your shoulders, and tucks his head under your chin…awwww~
Best hugs ever!!!

Carmel is available for adoption. Are you his Forever Family?!!


Meet Emily!

A gentle spirit, Emily is slowly becoming more trusting of humans. She loves being around the company of other cats and adores comfy beds to rest in. She is very happy in the group cat area she has been moved to and is often seen in different beds throughout the room napping. She even comes out to play with the toys- and she doesn’t mind sharing with the other cats!
She’d be happiest in a home where she has at least one other cat to be friends with- and a human that provides the love and patience that will bring her out of her shell. Emily simply hasn’t had much experience with people but has already allowed petting and stays relaxed when we visit the room.