Meet our VNB Pets of the Month …

Meet Ida

Ida is quintessential cat for families searching for a laid-back feline! This sweet lady prefers the life of ease, spending her days watching the world go by outside or playing with her favorite feather toy. She adores people, is very affectionate, and thoroughly enjoys being the center of attention. Ida prefers all fours on the floor and seek attention through lovingly rubbing against your leg. She would do best in a home without any other cats, although with enough space can peacefully coexist with other furry friends. Ida is one gorgeous gal who has been patiently waiting for the perfect home since May! Come visit this sweet gal today to see if she is meant to be part of your family!

Meet Caden

Caden is a happy-go-lucky 2 year old mix, who has been looking for a new family since the beginning of August.  Active and alert, Caden is outgoing and very smart.  Caden is always excited to meet new people and would make a great hiking and/or running partner!  Come by our shelter to meet this sweet boy, you’re sure to fall in love.