Meet our VNB Pets of the Month …


Meet Watson, a one-year-old male, Hound mix

Meet Watson! Watson’s new person or family will need to make sure he gets lots of socialization and playtime with other dogs and people. He would also love to go to obedience classes to build a strong bond with his people, and help him become a well behaved family member.


Meet Princess Buttercup, a two-year-old, Female Domestic Short Hair mix.

Meet Princess Buttercup!

Princess Buttercup is a beautiful, elegant, regal, goofball. She loves to chase mysterious red dots, eat treats, roll around in catnip, sleep on her back with her paws adorably curled up, and bask in the joy of long petting sessions. She’s the kind of cat who will both keep you company and keep you entertained! Princess Buttercup would love to snuggle up with you on the couch while you watch tv, lay on top of any important papers you try to read, follow you around begging for for treats, and generally be your new best friend. Since she clearly IS a human being, that’s whose company she enjoys. Fuzzy creatures are simply beneath her, and she would be happier not having to share her home with any of them. If you’re looking for a wonderful, personable cat-human hybrid, look no further; Princess Buttercup is your girl!