Meet our VNB Pets of the Month …


Meet Mama Flo, a three-year-old, female American Pit Bull Terrier mix

Mama Flo is so over all of this. She survived Hurricane Florence, raised a huge family, and now has to tolerate a kennel? She doesn’t think so and neither do we. This girl is completely housebroken and content hanging out on the carpet of her forever home. Her warm hearted personality makes her a great household pet. She will even do the spins and zoomies with a doggy pal. Mama Flo is ready to start her next chapter, one that doesn’t include any more puppies and lots of love. If Mama Flo sounds like the canine friend you’ve been looking for, please go visit the front desk about taking her home.


Meet Taki, a two-year-old, female Domestic Short Hair mix.

Taki came in as a mama cat determined to protect her babies! Soon she realized she could trust the shelter to take care of her and her offspring and was able to let them “fly from the nest” so-to-speak. Taki is reserved but has a huge heart; she feels comfortable in the presence of other cats. Like most people, Taki needs to build trust with someone to enjoy their affection and attention. Your patience and love will be rewarded when this girl recognizes your intentions and reciprocates in spades.