Meet our VNB Pets of the Month …


Citrine grew up as a kitten without the attention and affection she needed – which created an energetic love bug! She loves people so much she has a hard time sharing attention – making it ideal if she were the only cat!
She is very playful but mostly interested in quality time with humans – calling her a lap cat would be an understatement! Her fear of missing out makes saying goodbye difficult for Citrine. Having a patient family, she will learn the routine and not have as much anxiety about being left. Citrine just needs to feel like she’s part of someone’s life. She has so much love and energy to share! Visit with her today to see if she’s the companion for you!


This beautiful and courageous pup is Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman! This Justice League leader is the perfect pooch chosen to save the world from harm! Very similar to her famous whip, the Lasso of Truth, Diana is very skilled with a leash, while her superhuman nose enables her to smell danger from miles away. Above all, Diana Prince’s intelligence and poised personality are her greatest assets while facing challenges from the outside world. Her line of work may require her to take things seriously at times, however Diana still finds a way to show off her gentle and kind nature. In her off time, Diana loves to play all kinds of fun games such as fetch. Even as she’s become one of the world’s most famous heroes, Diana is sure to always remain humble and sweet. Come meet the Wonder Woman of the CASPCA today!