Meet our VNB Pets of the Month …

Meet Otis!

I am one easy-going, friendly pup! I am very well mannered and I already know the commands “sit” and “down”! I enjoy going for walks or just curling up for a good snuggle. I get along with other dogs. I would make the perfect addition to your family! So won’t you stop by for a few minutes to visit with me and take me for a walk? Once you do, I know you’ll be taking me home with you!

Meet Alannah!

Alannah would thrive in a quieter home with routine and people for her to grow to trust! We think she has some issues seeing clearly though she can get around just fine. She gets overstimulated in busy situations especially if she feels cornered (understandable)! The shelter isn’t where you’ll see her at her best but you’ll still sense her sweet personality if you can interact one-on-one in a calm space. Sitting down with her while everything is bustling around her, she will slow blink from reassuring, gentle words… she even might start playing with a toy!