Barn Cats

barncatBarn Cat Placement Program

When it comes to saving the lives of pets, we are a full-service organization!  Rescuing and adopting out less-sociable cats as barn or backyard buddies is one of our most successful programs here at the CASPCA.  All of our available barn cats are healthy, spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  And, there is NO adoption fee for these cats!

What the cats provide:

Barn cats won’t sit on your lap or cuddle on your pillow, but they are wonderful workers providing great natural rodent control in your barn, shed, garage or warehouse.  They are the “green” choice, and no job is too small!  All they ask in return is food, water and a cozy shelter.

What you provide:

Daily food, water, a comfortable outdoor shelter, and vet care as needed.

What we provide: 

We make it very simple to adopt these kitties.

–Use of a temporary enclosure (crate) to help the cats transition to your home.  For the cats to learn their new home is your barn, they should be confined to an escape-proof enclosure for 2-4 weeks while they acclimate to their new surroundings.

–Free use of a humane trap, if needed, for future vet visits.

Please contact the front desk at or (434) 973-5959 x210 for more information.