Twelfth Save of Christmas: Meet Adaline

adalineI was one of the “longtimers” at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA — for 523 days, I was the cat that made volunteers sigh and ask, “Why can’t we find this sweet girl a home?” But like so many of the dogs and cats at the shelter, my story has a happy ending …

When I was brought to the CASPCA at the age of 10, one of the veterinarians prescribed medication for my arthritis, which they put in my dry food. I’m a clever girl who outsmarted everyone until they finally realized I had been eating around my medication, and another cat had been snacking on my pills instead!adaline-2 I’m not going to lie — I’m a bit of a curmudgeon sometimes. I have a funny meow that makes me sound like I’m complaining, even if i’m happy. In fact, I was affectionately called “our grumpy girl” by volunteers.

To know me is to love me, though. I’m just a cat’s cat and prefer to do my own thing. Other cats may just go up to anyone and start purring, but you have to earn that with me. I’m authentic, and the CASPCA staff knew that the right home would come along eventually.

adaline-3When one of the volunteers decided to foster me around Thanksgiving to give me a break from the shelter, I finally met my match — I absolutely loved my new person, and we got along so well that she adopted me!

“Adaline is doing great. She is super funny and loves sleeping on the bed with me, although I wake up to her staring at me and loving on me at four in the morning. She is so much fun to be around. She is way more affectionate than she was at the shelter, and she lets me hold her for little bursts … she is my little shadow, and she follows me around everywhere.”

-Kay McGowan, foster mom-turned-forever mom

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.

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