Tenth Save of Christmas: Meet Gregor


I came to the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA along with 37 other cats — we had all been living in a manufactured home together before we were surrendered. Many of us, including me, were shy and in need of medical care. Despite my lack of socialization, I still purred during my vet exams.

I didn’t like to be held for long or handled much, but everyone agreed that I was very charming. Some of the cat volunteers discovered I was happy to interact with other cats, as long as I could be in my designated safe spot above a cabinet in the cat rows. During the CASPCA summer camps, I even would stay calm when groups of campers toured the shelter and wanted to pet gregor-2me.

Someone must have heard great things about me because a couple came by specifically to adopt me. At the time I wasn’t available — I was back in the sick room being treated for an upper-respiratory infection — so they ended up adopting two of the other cats from my previous home who looked like me instead.

But I was in luck! When I was healthy again, a cat volunteer remembered the couple and asked an adoption counselor to give them a call to let them know I was available. As a 9-year-old cat, everyone worried that it would be difficult to find the right home for me. Luckily, the same couple drove over as soon as they could — they made it to the shelter within 10 minutes of closing time to adopt me! Now I’m so happy to be in a nurturing home with my old friends.


“Gregor came from a sad, neglectful situation. He was never individually loved. He never had a person to call his own. You felt so badly for [Gregor and the other cats surrendered from the home] because they never got to have a kittenhood. Now they live a wonderful life that they probably could have never imagined.”

– Pat Cook, experienced cat socializer

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.

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