Seventh Save of Christmas: Sydney and Oreo

During the month of December, we’re sharing 12 stories about animals saved by the CASPCA this year. These stories exemplify our commitment to maintaining the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA as a No Kill community, and they have a happy ending because of the tireless efforts of our staff and the generosity of supporters like you. 


7. Sydney and Oreo

Say hello to Sydney and Oreo. They both have mild-moderate cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), meaning that the cerebellum wasn’t fully mature at birth, so they are a little uncoordinated and have some problems with balance. A CASPCA staff member created a video of these incredibly adorable and sweet kittens in the hopes that someone would see it and adopt Sydney and Oreo. It worked!


Tracy had been wanting to adopt a cat with special needs, but she knew that her family would need to be able to provide all the care a special needs cat might require. So she planned on waiting a few years until the time was right. But then she saw the video on social media.

Tracy researched CH and decided that their condition would be manageable for her family. She liked that she could help kittens with different abilities that maybe others wouldn’t want, and that there wouldn’t be major expenses needed in order to provide them with a good life.

After adoption, Sydney and Oreo adjusted quickly to their new home. Tracy says, “Accommodations have been made for them since they are a little bit klutzy with their “drunken sailor” walk.  They keep us smiling and laughing every day.  We are enjoying huge amounts of kitten love and purring.” 

The personalities that made the Clinic staff fall in love with Sydney and Oreo are still present in the home. They are often cuddled up together, and love to groom each other. Oreo will gently tap his owners on the leg for their attention, and bear hugs the leg if he’s not acknowledged quickly enough! Sydney is up for a belly rub any time, and she will just drop in front of her owners and show off her belly.

Tracy has no regrets about adopting Sydney and Oreo. “I think any animal with special needs or different abilities should be considered. A good, loving home can do wonders. You’ll likely find that that these sweet babies know that you saved them, and that you love them as they are…they’ll reward you in ways you aren’t expecting. Sydney and Oreo are just two happy-go-lucky kittens. They have no clue that there is anything different about them and get along just fine. They do everything other kittens do (except jump, which isn’t a bad thing!). I’m so glad that they joined our family!”

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved 

and the thousands more we have yet to save.