Seventh Save of Christmas – Dahlia


I was one of the 51 dogs that came to the CASPCA from an owner-surrender situation. When I arrived, I was frightened, dirty and missing a couple teeth. I wasn’t used to being handled and had never walked on a leash before, so I was very timid and unsure of my new surroundings.

A patient foster mother helped me adjust to life in a home. I was still afraid of loud noises (sirens still scare me) and the foster family’s cat. If visitors came over, I would hide in my crate.

dahlia2I started going on long walks with my foster family, but I would get nervous around new dogs. Eventually, I started to become more comfortable and even almost retrieved a ball. Even though I was terrified of the cat at first, we became fast friends. Sometimes, when I would retreat to my crate, the cat would come in with me, and we would nap together — I really liked that.

By the time I was ready for adoption, the staff and volunteers at the CASPCA grew to love me, too! I’m a very mellow girl. I was so happy to find my forever family this month, making me one of the last of the 51 dogs to find my forever home. The CASPCA and my foster family never gave up on me, and now I’m becoming more brave every day.

“If she were a movie character, she’d be Bilbo Baggins because she likes her little environment and is slow to leave it. Once she is out, though, she enjoys an ‘adventure’ (long, quiet nature walks with occasional human and animal interactions).”

– Foster mom, Ms. Chen

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.

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