Ninth Save of Christmas – Magnus


Every dog has a story, but some dogs’ histories are a mystery. That was my case when I came to the CASPCA as a stray. It was clear that I couldn’t see with my left eye, and there was pressure behind the socket that was causing inflammation and a lot of pain. The decision was made to surgically remove the eye.

At the CASPCA clinic, Dr. Anna Sims performed the surgery, called an enucleation. My large size meant the surgery took a magnuslittle longer, but I was a great patient. I recovered quickly and didn’t even seem to care that my eye had been removed.

I’m just as dapper and extremely good looking as ever (it even kind of looks like I’m wearing a monocle now), and my calm, polite demeanor makes me an all-around gentleman. My holiday wish is that someone will fall in love with me for the king that I am.

magnus-3“For a dog so big, he was really gentle and easy to work with. Magnus is a wonderful guy, and I hope he finds a good home soon.” – Dr. Anna Sims

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.

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