Fourth Save of Christmas: Teddy

During the month of December, we’re sharing 12 stories about animals saved by the CASPCA this year. These stories exemplify our commitment to maintaining the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA as a No Kill community, and they have a happy ending because of the tireless efforts of our staff and the generosity of supporters like you. 


4. Teddy

Teddy Before!

Ashley visited Teddy a few times and learned his story. He came to the CASPCA as a stray, and he was in poor condition. He was thin, his fur was matted and his left eye was sealed shut from discharge. When the veterinarians at the CASPCA examined him, they found that his left eye had ruptured. He had surgery to remove the eye and recovered nicely. Teddy has continued to improve since his adoption in May.

All of Teddy’s fur had grown back, and he’s gained weight. He’s also gained a family. He likes Ashley the best, but all of her friends and family love him. Her mother makes him special toys, and everyone knows to save boxes that are a specific size because he won’t lay in the wrong size box. Teddy wants to be with Ashley all the time, and his favorite bonding activity is for her to brush him. He will sit still for hours for a good brushing. He goes into a trance, and his tongue sticks out. 

Teddy’s missing eye has never been a problem. People still think he’s the most handsome cat. In fact, he’s a bit of a celebrity! He sits in the window while Ashley’s gone during the day, and people on her street know who he is. He even has his own Instagram account (@teddybolte).

 Ashley says, “Teddy has made my life so much better. Every day when I come home, he greets me. And when I wake up, he’s so excited. I have so much more joy and happiness in my life since adopting him.”





This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved 

and the thousands more we have yet to save.