Fourth Save of Christmas: Bogart


When an Animal Control officer brought me to the CASPCA, my front leg was severely injured and part of my forearm was missing with deep cuts almost down to my elbow. I came in without any history, so no one could be sure what happened …

Everyone’s best guess is that I got trapped somewhere, and my leg was torn in the process ⎯ it was awful. I was treated at Lovingston Veterinary Hospital and then placed under critical care at the CASPCA. That same afternoon, the clinic staff made the decision to amputate my limb to prevent the spread of infection from my wounds. I know they wanted to try to save my leg, but my wounds were so bad that they couldn’t.


Even with all the trauma of my first day at the CASPCA, clinic staff noticed how friendly and very brave I was, and they did all they could to ease my pain while saving my life. I recovered from surgery without any issues and was ready to start going out on walks within a week ⎯ I couldn’t wait!

A month after I first arrived at the shelter, I was adopted by my forever family. I’m still not letting my missing leg hold me back, and now I live the good life of long walks and fluffy dog beds at my new home.

“He’s a joy! He fit right in with my other dog, who is a beagle. She’s very happy to have him snuggle with her, and he licks her ear. His three legs haven’t stopped him from jumping over the couch, and when the weather warms up, we’re going to start agility training with him. He’s enjoying life, and I’m enjoying him.” ⎯ Bogart’s new owner, Marian Windel

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.

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