First Save of Christmas: Griffey

During the month of December, we’re sharing 12 stories about animals saved by the CASPCA this year. These stories exemplify our commitment to maintaining the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA as a No Kill community, and they have a happy ending because of the tireless efforts of our staff and the generosity of supporters like you. 


1. Griffey

Griffey came to the CASPCA with three litter mates. All of them were dirty, needed basic medical care and were very frightened. Some of them, including Griffey, had abnormal front legs. Griffey’s legs bow out a little bit, but it’s never stopped him from playing. And when his adopters met him, they couldn’t have cared less that he was different. Griffey’s adopters fell in love with his face. They saw that he was scared, alone and backed into the corner of his kennel shaking, and they knew they wanted to get close to Griffey and change how terrified he was of people. So they adopted him and started working!

They say Griffey has “grown in leaps and bounds, and not just with his body. When we first brought him home, he wouldn’t let any people near him. We have worked really hard to get him used to people. We take him everywhere with us, including breweries, wineries, restaurants, and he goes on a 3-7 mile walk/run every day. He’s still somewhat scared of people, but warms up quickly. Within the last month, he even started taking treats from people.” Griffey even goes on runs, walks and hikes with veterans, carrying his own gear in a tactical vest. 


You would never know that the frightened dog that was backed into the corner of the kennel is the same dog that is well-known around Scottsville, gives great hugs and is great pals with his tiny siblings. It’s amazing what a loving, supportive family can do to give an animal the confidence to be their true selves. Griffey doesn’t bark, he “boofs.” He smiles constantly, looks happy all the time, gets the zoomies frequently and wiggles his butt while wrestling with his family. His owners said, “The best thing about adopting Griffey is seeing him progress so much in regards to his fear of people. Our “rescue zoo” feels complete.” 






This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved

and the thousands more we have yet to save.