Eleventh Saves of Christmas: Meet Fred & Wilma

I’m Fred! My best friend, Wilma, and I were found abandoned in a Wal-Mart parking lot. We were both covered in fleas, had wounds on our body, and our teeth were in terrible shape.

Wilma and I had a full check-up and some extensive dental work done. The clinic staff estimated that I’m about 9 years old, and Wilma is around 8. Sometimes people abandon older pets like us because the medical bills get too expensive. Once rescued, we then often end up in the shelter for longer, as many families are less likely to adopt senior dogs and cats.

When someone at the CASPCA took me to NBC29 for a weekly news segment, Wilma panicked. She would not stop crying out for me and was pacing around the kennel. They realized that we would do well if we are able to find a home together. I get anxious if I’m more than a few yards away from Wilma. fred-1She is bigger than I am, so she thinks it’s cute that I try to protect her.

Our adorable looks and fun personalities have made us a favorite for off-site events. When acac raised over $12,000 for the CASPCA for their 30 days for $30 campaign, Wilma and I went to collect the big check — while wearing matching sweaters!

We’re currently enjoying a break from the shelter in a loving foster home.

fred-wilma-2“Fred and Wilma are best buddies! I hope they find a home together soon.”

– Rebecca Blackburn, Foster Care Coordinator

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.

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