Eighth Save of Christmas – Miss Moneypenny


At six weeks old and a little under 4 pounds, I was hit by a car. A kind person saw the accident and immediately brought me to the shelter, carrying me in her arms. I survived, but my back left leg was injured.

I was sent from the CASPCA to Veterinary Emergency Treatment Services & Specialty (VETSS) for pain management. Then, I was brought back to the CASPCA, where I was kept in critical care until they examined me.

My X-rays indicated that I had a fractured pelvis, and it would take six to eight weeks to heal. At first, the clinic thought I would need to stay in a kennel for rest for that whole time, but they were able to find a wonderful foster home for me. There, my foster mom made sure my movements would be restricted so I could get better.

miss-moneypenny-2My foster mom now calls me a “failed foster” because she fell in love with me during the time when I was on bed rest, and she adopted me into her forever family. For a little kitten who was so small, I’m fortunate to have made it through the ordeal of being hit by a car and getting through a long recovery. Now I just go by Penny, and I’m certainly quite lucky.

“It didn’t take long to realize how smart and affectionate she was, as well as very beautiful.  She has all the features of a Maine Coon cat mix. We now have a special bond. She lives and interacts well with four senior cats and a small Pomeranian (all rescues). She loves having new foster kittens to come visit, and she takes on the role of helping them with socialization. It continues to amaze me how quickly she learns and communicates with me.”  

– Pat Bean, foster mom turned forever mom

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.

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