Third Save of Christmas: Angelina


Angelina aka Angie is an 11-year old beagle that came to the CASPCA as a stray in late 2016.  She was found roaming the streets, emaciated, with a head wound. Her ears were filthy, she was covered in fleas and was missing teeth.  Examinations of Angie revealed multiple chronic health problems: an enlarged heart, collapsing trachea and severe anxiety from abuse and neglect.



Angie was treated for fleas, spayed and given several ear cleanings.  She went through several courses of antibiotics and was prescribed a cough suppressant to help her sleep through the night. She had dental surgery and was prescribed anti-anxiety medication.  During her treatment and recovery, she was placed in foster, however, she immediately became a “foster failure” as her family fell in love with her and knew that she had come home to stay.

Despite all of the suffering Angie has endured, she is a “wonder beagle” and is so full of love for everyone she meets.  Angie will celebrate her year adoption anniversary on December 6 and her family reflects that she “was the most precious Christmas gift to us and every day we are reminded by Angie of how much joy lies in being alive and being loved.”  Angie also serves as a perfect example of the importance of senior dog adoption. Giving these precious beings peace, love and comfort in their golden years is an incredible gift. 

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.