Sixth Save of Christmas: Cookie

Cookie was transferred into the CASPCA from another local shelter in February of this year.  She is approximately 6 years old and a lovely black and white (Tuxedo) cat with gorgeous gold eyes.

In March, she began to have stomach issues and diarrhea.  This required a few months of medical work to rule out causes and then trials of treatment to find what worked best in her case.  She was placed on a high fiber diet, which somewhat relieved her symptoms but didn’t eliminate them.  Ultimately, Cookie was placed on a grain-free diet and it worked!

Cookie is a quiet, young lady who can share her space with other cats and not be bothered by them.  Nor is she hostile to them.  She likes petting but has yet to be comfortable on laps.

Cookie likes some routine in her daily life.  Volunteers will place a blanket under a table where she often spends her time when out of her cage, observing or napping.  This table has become her special place.  Sometimes, she will try a different elevated location to check things out.

On rare occasions, she exhibits a spurt of energy and runs back and forth in the cat rows.  She will play with the laser or mouse toys when offered—and when she feels like it.

Cookie will be a lovely companion for a single adult or a mature couple.  She responds to conversation by looking at the speaker and showing understanding.  Volunteers believe Cookie needs a “furever home” with a table or windowsill where she can curl up in her own sunbeam.

If you have room in your heart and home this holiday season and think Cookie may be a perfect fit, please speak to an adoption counselor about her today!


This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.