Fifth Save of Christmas: Moon

Moon arrived at the CASPCA in October 2016 as an adult female stray with an extremely dirty coat, multiple fractures in her right front paw and severe skin irritation.  Due to the severe injuries in her paw, her right front leg had to be amputated and she spent several months recovering in the clinic in intensive care.

Moon soon adapted to getting around on 3 legs and with the excellent care she received, regained her beautiful white and black coat.  She proved herself to be a spunky, affectionate (on her terms), sweet girl who quickly gained the love and attention of the staff and volunteers.  Moon preferred to be out of her cage by herself rather than share the space with other cats.  She would jump up on laps to be petted and loved playing with toys.  She received plenty of attention from visitors as she was so cute and they were amazed at how well she got around.

After her long ordeal, Moon proved herself to be a relatively low maintenance, very cool cat that loved to play.  She found her very deserving forever home in September 2017 when she was adopted by a young woman who was taken by her spunky nature and resilient personality.

Moon’s new mom reports the following, “Moon is doing great! She talks so much and loves to be around people. She likes to sit with me whenever I am in bed or on a chair at home. If she wants me to sit down, she will meow and talk to me until I do so.  She is really such a loving, sassy cat!Moon also always responds when her name is called! Whenever someone enters the room, she will go to her food bowl and eat. Moon also really loves watching TV with me as well.  She is extremely photogenic; she will look right at the camera whenever I bring it out.”




This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.

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