Eleventh Save of Christmas: Desi

I was transferred in to CASPCA from a neighboring county as a nursing mom with 10 puppies. When I arrived, my puppies and I were very frightened, thin, dirty and covered in fleas. I had a mass protruding from my third eyelid, a disorder called cherry eye.  It was causing me pain and would only get worse without surgery. I came from a very unhealthy and unpleasant living situation and at first I was very shy, unsure of how to walk on a leash, and nervous around new people. I was trying to nurse my pups as best as I could in a very stressful situation.

My puppies and I were placed with a foster family soon after our arrival. While I was taking care of my puppies, my foster family slowly starting working on building trust with me. It took some time, but I began to learn that people aren’t that bad after all. After weeks of nursing my pups in foster, as soon as they were weaned, I was brought back to the CASPCA.   The CASPCA veterinary staff performed a cherry eye repair on me in addition to my spay surgery.  I was returned to foster for recovery. I can see out of my right eye so much better now!

After my recovery period of a few weeks, I was brought back to the CASPCA to prepare to be adopted and for my new life.  My puppies remained in foster until they were old enough to be adopted  and then all of them were adopted into loving homes!   My forever family not only decided to adopt me, but also adopted one of my pups as well! We are both doing great in our home and I love taking care of my pup, Monti (short for Monticello). Monti and I love to snuggle and play in our new yard!

This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.