Eighth Save of Christmas: Angelo

My name is Angel aka Angelo and I am one of the cats transferred in from Atlanta to make room for animals displaced by Hurricane Irma.  I was extremely underweight and very agitated when I arrived at the CASPCA because I didn’t feel well.  I was hissing at staff and did not want to be touched.  For several days, the caring staff at the CASPCA made numerous attempts to get me to eat and drink with the hope that I would begin to gain some weight.  My stomach hurt a lot and I didn’t feel like eating or drinking anything.  After a few days, I was feeling very weak and finally let the CASPCA veterinarians exam me more closely.  They noticed a string hanging from my rear end!

The veterinarians performed a surgery on me to remove the long string from my intestines and to ease the severe pain I was feeling.  I began eating and drinking again and started gaining weight. During recovery, I began to show my true sweet, playful, affectionate self.

I am now part of a family with an orange tabby kitten named Dundee and older orange tabby cat named Teej, both of whom were adopted from the CASPCA as well! Dundee and I love to play – as you can see, we squeeze together on the cat tower.  Teej has also welcomed me into the fold and is quite glad he can have some quiet time now that Dundee has an energetic buddy to run around with!



This holiday season, please think of the thousands of animals we have saved and the thousands more we have yet to save.